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Indus Institute of Engineering & Technology, Kinana

Data Buildings (CSE-203E)


Queen. 1 Determine the term Data structure as well as uses. Precisely what are its types? Q. two Show what sort of 2-D mixture is executed in any terminology. Find the formula to calculate the address site of an aspect index (i, j). Queen. 3 Precisely what is stack? Offer its applications and also write a program in C for Press and Appear operations on a stack. Queen. 4 Determine abstract info type and give any 3 applications of ADTS. Q. a few Write an algorithm which explicates a POSTFIX expression to a INFIX expression. Q. 6th Show with an example how a UNION can be implemented. Likewise differentiate Among a UNION and STRUCTURE in C.

Queen. 7 (a) Show with an example how an array is passed like a parameter in C. (b) Show how you can implement 3 stacks in a single array Q. 8 Clarify in detail how come dynamic info structures are needed.

Extremes Institute of Engineering & Technology, Kinana

Data Structures (CSE-203E)


Q. 1 Compose algorithm to delete a node directed by ‘p' in a singly list ‘L'. This node could anywhere in a associated list.

Q. 2 Publish an algorithm to accomplish each of the next operations: (a) Free all of the nodes in a linear connected list.

(b) Create a circular linked list with a header node.

(c) Reverse a doubly connected list in order that the last element becomes the first and so on. (d) Concatenate two ordered list in a single bought list.

Queen. 3 Exactly what circular queues? How a large number of maximum elements it can retail outlet in n-sized array? Compose two Boolean functions-one intended for detecting volume and second for finding emptiness of the circular line....



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