Toyota Prius Marketing Case Study

 Toyota Prius Marketing Case Study Essay

Example: Toyota Prius

University of Maryland School College

Sept 30, 2010


Because the United States combine in the global effort to monitor the use and waste of energy, gasoline efficient or perhaps hybrid automobiles such as the Toyota Prius has dominated industry over the SUV's who when adored just about every American entrance. With much doubt, in 2004, the Prius is just about the leading selling vehicle in the united states. The streamlined design has caught the attention and pockets of many People in america who like the " gas sipper” within the " gas guzzler. ” (Kotler & Armstrong, Guidelines of Marketing, 2010)

In addition to the declined trips towards the gas stop, the Prius also offered advance technology such as the setup of a Clever Key System, DVD nav, Bluetooth plus more. (Wikipedia, 2010) This caused it to be a must purchase for the technology savvy community who discovered ways to alter the Prius computer system, making it perform many customized features. Such unconventional features, received the approval from the underground market so to speak. Not forgetting the incentive of driving inside the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane despite having one occupant. Tax breaks granted by the federal government in addition to free parking were just some of the incentives that came along with running a hybrid. (Kotler & Armstrong, Principles of promoting, 2010)

In accordance to Toyotas website, that they report a decline in sales July and September in comparison to the same time a year ago. " Toyota Motor Product sales (TMS), U. S. A., Inc., today reported This summer sales of 169. 224 units, a decrease of 6. 8 percent from the same period this past year, on a daily selling rate (DSR) basis. ” In August, Toyota sales were in the peak in 2009 when Cash for Clunkers were taking place, but last months' revenue declined 23. 4 percent on a DSR. The Toyota Prius has a new competitor on the market, the Honda Social Hybrid as well as the Ford Fusion Hybrid. With these new products, and the concept that most car companies are moving on towards the crossbreed movement, you will see a lot more mixed-style models appearing on our highways, especially since the skyrocketed gas prices as 2008.

2A: What microenvironmental elements affected Toyota Prius? Just how well provides Toyota addressed each of these factors? In 2010, Toyota announced a non-reflex global remember on specific Toyota Prius models which will involved countless vehicles bought from the United States. Just for this, the microenvironmental factor in the company was influenced mainly because Toyota then had to re-evaluate and upgrade a new advertising plan whilst taking organization groups including management and finance into mind. This as well affected the suppliers who an essential connection to the customers' satisfaction and basic safety when the Prius was made by defective parts which could destruction the overall satisfaction of the client. (Kotler & Armstrong, Rules of Marketing, 2010) According to Toyota's newsroom site, the report of there being " unconfirmed mishaps alleged to become related to this disorder, one of which will reported a minor injury” may send a major downward dive in sales of Toyotas as a whole. (Toyota, Toyota Announces Voluntary Protection Recall upon Certain Toyota Corolla and Corolla Matrix Models, 2010) In addition , rivals could use the ability for the decline in sales to regain the lost customers of the Toyota Prius. The media open public placed paper articles and televised contacts that a call to mind was established simply by Toyota, therefore affected the most important aspect in Toyotas microenvironment; buyers. They had to keep up a strong relationship with their dedicated customers and assure all of them that they will be taken care of. (Kotler & Armstrong, Principles of Marketing, 2010)

, the burkha the call to mind, the cars that were included were changed at no charge to the owner. Toyota mailed away notifications guidance owners of such recall and that further more notice will be made available to all of them. If extra detailed data was necessary they could...

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