Tourism and Food

 Tourism and Hospitality Essay

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12th top contribution to GDP

India placed 12th amongst 184 countries in terms of travelling & tourism‘s total contribution to GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT in 2012

Contribution to GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT above globe average

In India, the sector's direct contribution to GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT is likely to grow in 7. almost eight per cent per annum during 2013–2023 vis-à-vis the earth average of 4. a couple of per cent

Produce higher job

The travel & tourism sector in India is believed to create 78 jobs every USD18, 366 of purchase compared to forty five in the developing sector

Larger investments

Travel & tourism's contribution to capital investment is usually projected to grow in 6. 5 per cent each year during 2013–2023, above the global average of 5. 0 per cent

Increasing visitor exports

Contribution of visitor exports to total exports can be estimated to improve at 5. 7 % per annum during 2013–2023 when compared to world normal of 5. 0 per cent

Source: World Travel & Tourism Council's Economic Impact 2013, doze th Five year prepare, Aranca Exploration


Robust demand Growing demand

Foreign visitor arrivals improved at a CAGR of seven. 8 % over 2005–12 Domestic investing in tourism keeps growing due to increasing income and changing life styles (especially amongst young people) •

Eye-catching opportunities

Different offerings just like adventure, countryside and wildlife tourism


Market size: USD418. being unfaithful billion

Marketplace size: USD117. 7 billion

India is expected to get nearly half a million medical travelers by 2015, implying an annual growth of 40 per cent

Edge India

Various attractions

India features 28 universe heritage sites and twenty-five bio-geographic areas The country's big shoreline provides a number of attractive beaches

• •

The architectural sector is delicensed; Furthercent FDI is usually allowed in the 100 every extension of Visa on Arrival system to five countries this summer sector Because of policy holiday for 2-, 3-, Five-year taxsupport, there was clearly and total FDI of USD14. 0 billion 4- star category hotels located into the sector over Apr 2000 – February around UNESCO Universe Heritage 2012, (except Delhi per Mumbai) sites making up 8. 6th and cent of total FDI in to the country in that period

Insurance plan support

• •

Source: WTTC, Aranca Research Note: Farrenheit stands for forecasts, WTTC -- World Travel around and Travel Council, Market size forecasts by WTTC; UNESCO -- United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation

2005 onwards 2000-2005



Countrywide Tourism Policy announced more than 20 years ago • The federal government formulated an extensive plan to enhance tourism 23 years ago

Various says in India declare travel as a market • Government stresses about private-public alliance in the sector • Govt policies give fillip to the hotel market

A national policy in tourism is usually announced in 2002 with focus on growing robust facilities • On-line travel portals and low-cost carrier airlines boost home tourism

The federal government undertakes numerous marketing endeavours to attract vacationers • Home spending on travel and leisure accounted for more than 80. three or more per cent of the total travel and leisure revenues news • Foreign tourists going to India increased to 6. thirty-six million yearly in 2012 coming from 3. on the lookout for million in 2005

Source: Aranca Study

Accommodation and catering

Comes with hotel and restaurant businesses


Contains airline firms, cruise providers, railways, rental car and more

Tourism and food


Comprises historical ancient monuments, beaches, sanctuaries, mountains, festivals and more

Travel companies

A fragmented sector which has a number of 3rd party travel agents and several online businesses

Tour guides

Offers bespoke tours, which include travel and accommodation, and sightseeing Resource: Dun and Bradstreet's record on travel in India

• Huge variety of flora and fauna across different states right now becoming well-liked tourist destinations




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