The Wingfield Method

 The Wingfield Way Composition

The Wingfield Way

Tennessee Williams' perform The A glass Menagerie offers readers a closer look at a truly unable to start family. To start with it could seem as if their very own lives are not normal, although Amanda's " impulse aid her single-parent family seems as familiar as a period of time newspaper” (Presley 53). The Wingfields are a typical friends and family just attempting to get by. Their challenges, however , stem from their failure to effectively communicate with each other. Instead of talking out their dissimilarities, they use desperate acts. The desolation that the Wingfields embrace has led them to make illusions inside their minds also become deceitful. Amanda, Mary, and Laura are involved in a net of desolation, denial, and deception, in fact it is this entrapment that prevents them, since it would any family, via living successful and psychologically fulfilling lives together. Amanda Wingfield's existence has not finished up as she would have desired. She states, " I actually wasn't ready for what the future brought me” (Williams 720). According to Delma At the. Presley, " If Amanda appears needy, she undoubtedly has a genuine reason” (37). First of all, this wounderful woman has a girl, Laura, that is certainly dependent upon her for every thing. She is worried that Laura will end up a " little birdlike [woman] without any nest—eating the crust of humility” for the rest of her life (Williams 700). She also has a boy, Tom, who also goes to the films almost every night time, or so he says. Amanda knows that the " movies don't allow out at two A. M. ” (Williams 703). When he finally does come back home, Tom is " stumbling” and " muttering to [himself] such as a maniac” (Williams 703). Amanda desperately anxieties that he is beginning to take after his father's techniques. She is looking after " a fragile menagerie composed of two children” (Presley 24). The desperation of her scenario leads her to become controlling, and the girl takes this control for the extreme. Amanda constantly bombards Tom with commands in almost every scene. The lady begins her direction simply by reminding Tom how to eat properly. Initially he is driving the food incorrect and then he could be chewing improperly. After they are able to finish dinner, she then simply criticizes him for cigarette smoking. Things continue on like this over the entire enjoy. She determines to return his books to the library mainly because she is convinced that they are " filth. ” Tom simply cannot do anything right in the eyes of his mother. The lady even tells him tips on how to comb his hair. Amanda also redirects her daughter. She transmits Laura to Business College and then makes a decision to find her a man. Amanda tries to make a decision all of the guidelines in which Laura's life converts. Because of her desperation on her children to have success, Amanda can become a dictator. She " manipulates her children's lives through an practically constant obturation of criticism and guilt” (Jolemore). Amanda's desperation potential clients her to deny actuality. This coping strategy is called a protection mechanism. Ego-defense mechanisms will be defined as a " sort of reaction designed to maintain an individual's feelings of adequacy and worth instead of to cope directly with the pressure situation” (Carson, Butcher G-6). Amanda utilizes these self-defense tools to be able to deal with her anxieties plus the reality of day-to-day your life. If an specific uses these kinds of mechanisms too much, they will turn into unable to face reality , nor solve their problems (Keltner, Schwecke, and Bostrom 30). Amanda " cannot find things as they really are; your woman can only discover what she wants” (Jolemore). When talking to Tom about Laura, Amanda questions, " In what way is she peculiar-may I ask? ” (Williams 713). Amanda is not going to admit that Laura is different from other women despite the fact that Laura " lives in a world of little goblet ornaments” and " takes on old phonograph records and–that's about all” (Williams 713-714). Amanda is actually living a global of prosperous illusions. Amanda believes that Laura's " difference is to her edge, ”...

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11 July 2k

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