The Journey

 Essay within the Odyssey

Rasie Turner

Ms. Neff

English 1030

22 Sept 2010

The Odyssey

Traditional gods and goddesses are very important inside the Greek lifestyle. There are a few Traditional gods and goddesses that play extremely important roles inside the Odyssey. They can be Athena, Zeus, Poseidon, and Circe, and Calypso. The relationship between the men and the gods are very interesting. Everything that takes place in this composition, dealing with the mortals, relates to one of the gods. Without the gods, Greek traditions and literary works would be nothing.

Zeus is the king of the gods. Each of the other gods and men look up to him. If any individual needs endorsement of anything, they go to Zeus to get the answer. For instance , when Odysseus was stuck on Calypso's island, Athena went to Zeus to get him to help Odysseus off of the island. And so Zeus sent Hermes, the messenger in the gods, to Calypso to tell her to release Odysseus contact form her island. Zeus is very important in Traditional literature, and culture.

This impressive poem starts off with Odysseus trapped on the beautiful, nymph goddess' isle. Her name is Calypso. She placed Odysseus upon that island for eight years ahead of she let him go. She had fallen in love with him and probably would not have let him go unless of course Hermes had not ordered her to. This kind of shows a few of the principles in Greek traditions. Women are not as important as guys. There were lots Greek gods that messed around based on a mortal ladies, but when Calypso fell in love with one your woman had to give him away. The truth that the girl did not willingly give him aside shows a number of Calypso's character and spunk. She provided Odysseus growing old if the lady stayed on the island with her. Even though this individual denied, she did make an effort her toughest to get what she wanted and thought the lady deserved.

Circe is also a beautiful Traditional goddess whom trapped Odysseus on her island. After getting away the property of the Laestrygonians, cannibalistic giants who suddenly attack and devour Odysseus' crew, they will land on an island called Aeaea. Regretfully, Odysseus' deliver was the...



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