The Suit by May Themba - How would I identify the character of Philemon and what support for this do I get?

 The Match by Can Themba - How might I identify the character of Philemon and what support for this would I find? Essay

Philemon's persona changes through the story. Can Themba will take us on a journey to view why this individual transforms. At first Philemon can be described as devoted partner. And then being a hard working man and a fine good friend. The news of his wife's adultery makes him turn into a detached, handling and rancorous husband. He turns into a cruel guy, taking pleasure in embarrassing his better half. Philemon's activities cause his own sorrow and discomfort. We be aware that the language inside the story and Philemon's actions are related to religion, that can be linked to the prevalent belief that Lucifer was an angel cast away of heaven because he wished to take over heaven or the tub of Our god.

At the beginning of the storyline there are safety measures that all is not as it seems like. (80) A word such as look down on and persitalsis sets a tone to the story. Philemon describes his wife as being a 'sleeping serenity, ' and a 'mututinal miracle. ' (80) Philemon is cheerful 'grinned. ' (80) This individual smiles with the 'odd foucade of the heavens, ' not aware that an odd caprice will eventually befall him. (80) This individual embraces his, 'mood of contentment' (81), erroneous view. He provides a superior watch of himself, 'supremest immaculacy, ' along with his your life. (82) He believes his wife is at absolute awe of him, 'comes away of ether to behold him. ' (82) Philemon's descriptions of himself wonderful wife are narsisstic. Within a life filled up with poverty, overcrowding and not enough facilities Philemon has modified his belief so that it accords with his preferred world. Males were superior to women, but Philemon helped his better half with chores. The happiness in the beginning with the story contrasts the misery to arrive. His apparently harmless practice shows he likes to have his life ordered and controlled. He believes his wife is a lot like him, 'lunch tin solicitously prepared the night before... ' (82).

Then we come across another area of Philemon's character, being a hard working man and good friend. Intended for Maphikela has the courage to tell Philemon of his wife's adultery. Philemon does sees a change in Maphikela's attitude, yet this individual did not notice a change in the wife? You will discover none since blind while those who will not wish to discover. At this stage Philemon is still caring and stimulates confidence, '... you can talk to me about whatever, ' (84). From Maphikela's reluctance to share Philemon, we all expect a hurt and angry response. We discuss Maphikela's empathy.

Philemon's figure undergoes a drastic change following he listens to the news. This individual rapidly experiences a series of highly effective negative feelings, 'menacing power flashes had been leaping coming from coil to coil. ' (84). He does not doubt the quality of the assert. Did Philemon subconsciously find out his globe was illusion? He 'breaks down. ' The tour bus ride symbolises the feelings Philemon encounters in his alteration. (85) The 'soiled laundry' symbolizes the secret that has been uncovered. He simply cannot control these emotions. The intimate 'sweaty intimacies' nauseates him; figuratively, metaphorically he would like to get rid of these types of emotions. The bus hurtles him 'sickeningly from area to side'. He profits control of himself when the trip is over.

Following this emotional outbreak he seems completely calm. (86) This kind of marks one other transformation in Philemon. On how he responds to panic predicts his treatment of Mathilda. He would not attempt to battle with the man, and later really appears to notice him when he hears the 'clap of his bedroom window. ' Mathilda, knowing her husband, is usually afraid mainly because she wants violence great calmness induces more fear than a chaotic outburst would. He then focuses on the suit as it is a tangible target to remind him of what provides happened. Philemon treats the suit like a living person and so infuses her betrayal with lifestyle. 'mmmm-er, my personal wife's certainly not well.. ' (86) This individual blames his wife totally for the situation. Philemon projects 'very very little noticeable emotion' and even a 'flutter of humour. ' (87) Philemon has a making use of and excellent attitude toward Mathilda and show how much she damage him. 'I'd like him to be remedied with the...



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