The dark knight

 The darker knight Essay

4. Illustrate either the beginning and/or the ending of the text(s). Explain why the beginning and ending was memorable, assisting your items with Instances of visual and / or oral terminology features

in the film " The Darker Knight” described by Christopher Nolan the beginning of the film was unforgettable as it presented a main persona The Joker. Nolan utilized many visual features for capturing the audience's attention and to portray The Joker's personality.

In the beginning scene of " The Dark Knight” Christopher Nolan uses to generate tension before Joker is usually introduced to us throughout the entire scene the sound of the cello is playing this starts of at a slow pace and is quiet and as the scene moves on it all of us hear the cello raising in tempo and volume level this makes the group feel some thing big is likely to happen the cello takes on in the background as the joker kills the bus driver as The Joker enters the shuttle bus the bank director says " Think the smart right? Well, the guy you hired you just do the same to you” when he says this The Joker shakes his head and taking walks to him when this happens we all hear the cello elevating in volume and " cadence " building tension as the financial institution manager asks the joker " what do you believe in? ” the cello gets even more quicker and louder this creates suspense because the audience wait for a reply The Joker in that case responds " I believe what doesn't you do not simply makes you stranger” at this time the cello is at it is maximum tempo and quantity as The Joker requires of his mask the cello passes away down. Throughout this scene Nolan uses the sound of the cello to develop suspense and tension producing the landscape memorable.

In the opening field of " The Darker Knight” Christopher Nolan also uses dialogue to build a means which the target audience portrays The Joker's character. When The joker is standing on the corner and gets found in the SUV the two clowns at the front commence talking about The Joker " Yeah he thinks they can just sit on the side and get a piece, I know how come they call up him The...



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