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Volcanic and seismic events are major components of evidence to proving the plate tectonics theory is definitely valid.

The theory of tectonic plates was first posed by Alfred Wenger in 1912. May be the theory of how the earth lithosphere is made up of various separate components of the earth's crust generally known as tectonic dishes. He submit the idea that every one of the earth's areas were once conjoined in a single supercontinent known as Pangaea, and that these regions were shifted by convection currents during many an incredible number of years in to their current positions. These kinds of convection currents are made simply by radioactive energy in the earth's core causing the semi molten layer to rise and fall shifting the tectonic plates above them. These tectonic discs cause both volcanic and seismic activity which is why these events are very important to demonstrating the theory of tectonic plates. Throughout this kind of essay the theory of menu tectonics will probably be discussed extensively with key references towards the volcanic and seismic events and how they may be a direct result of the movement of tectonic dishes. There will also be discussions on some of the aesthetic evidence there may be for the tectonic plate theory, such as the mid-Atlantic ridge, with particular reference to the formation, as well as a detailed reason of the development of the tectonic plate theory and how come it is so extensively accepted as fact. People also be many annotated blueprints to help clarify and clarify some of the suggestions put forward in the text as well as making the subject easier to understand as the text will be directly related and aided by the blueprints. It was Francis Bacon in 1620 whom first observed that parts of the world fit together like a ‘jig-saw puzzle' such as the east coast of South America and the western coast of Africa, nevertheless no one had any explanation for it until 1912 once German meteorologist Alfred Wenger stated that all the continents had once all been joined collectively in one supercontinent he known as ‘Pangaea'. This individual used a large number of...



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