Pros and cons of using technology

 Pros and cons of using technology Research Conventional paper


For many years, individuals have invented new-technology equipment which usually became component to our lives. With existence of technology, persons tend to rely upon modern devices like smartphone, laptop, tv and others. In addition, the well-defined development of technology has incredibly expressed the human's brains and imagination. Thanks to technology, everything turns into easier, far more convenient and enjoyable for us. Nevertheless , the matter is whether or not we use these technology efficiently. This kind of essay think more regarding advantages and disadvantages of technology Previously, people would everything by their own hands. They washed clothes beside the rivers, prepared meals by firing wood, walked by walking from one place to others. At that time, the conversation was and so limited and inconvenient. People that were faraway from each other had been difficult to connect. non-etheless, technology appeared and obviously changed depends upon so far. Technology apparently has become part of existence since it helped bring large benefits to us in connection, entertainment, business, education…. It appeared to make people' issues easier, to save time, to get people better and closer. In the past, women was always busy while using housework, taking care of children, cooking food for food manually. Contrarily, nowadays everything becomes more quickly and much easier with the support of washing-machine, microwave, tv set and many technological equipment. Instead of spending a lot more than hour simply in order to clean clothes by hands, they will save time and effort by placing it into machine and doing other stuff. With microwaves, you just spend few minutes actually few seconds for any meal. Thus, with very much developed technology, you can save moments and feel like you have much more than 24 hours a day. With smart phone and internet, we could talk and find out our friends and relatives who living not even close to us and feel like they may be beside all of us. Moreover, the introduction of digital technology allows people not only expand interactions over the world but also know more new things. Which has a laptop coupled to the internet, we can easily find information via many resources and rest with many online games or music. It is also and so amazing that we can find each of our old good friends through internet sites such as Fb, Twitter and share information to any part of the universe only milliseconds. The connection becomes less expensive and more easy thanks to people' great technology. Especially, we should consider how effective technology can help job. Amount of modern applications and devices assist individuals easily control their function and their period such as take-note schedule, remind tasks and important incidents. In the past, we took at least two or three days to send a letter to a new place. Today we can give an email simply by click " send”, it will require only couple of seconds. Moreover, some people also might tend to work at home and simply connect with various other by network. Even though technology brought all of us many positive aspects, have people utilized this as successful way? It will be negative work if we misuse of it excessive. Unfortunately, nearly all one of us are based on modern products and not noticing the capricious consequences. Whilst people are in a position to talk with their particular friends who have are far coming from us, they may have difficulty in communicating with others around them. They can be more comfortable with hiding at the rear of the displays rather than talking face to face. It is really sad to say that individuals are becoming fewer social connection and insensitive to each other. Young adults tend to be alone and passive with smartphone, laptop computer and uncommunicative to people around them. With advanced devices, all of us work more proficiently than before. However , there are also a lot of drawbacks. Abusing of technology might make all of us become a equipment: work, work and work. Some firm owners make an effort to extend more hours work and employees probably become workaholic because of the profit and hassle-free devices. Businessmen tend to...



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