Lower income: Most Serious Problem in the Whole World

 Poverty: Most Serious Problem in all of World Article

п»їPeng Wu

03-08-2014 SOC 1

Professor Marlene Gallarde


I choose poverty as my subject for my own essay mainly because poverty has been considered as the most serious problem with the Combined State, but also in the whole world. It is playing a crucial role in developing the whole society. You will discover three distinct theories in analyzing how society affects people, and just how people impact society, which can be functionalism, issue theory, and symbolic interaction. There are five social organizations in functionalist perspective: relatives, government, economic system, religion, and education. Look at poverty coming from functionalism point of view, it ceases the development of the complete society. The consequence of poverty to society is a very long list. Illness, crime, and hunger are major effects of poverty about society as a whole. Some of these effects can also be considered as a cause for poverty. Lower income also can cause poor education for those children who happen to be effected by simply poverty. In addition, it will result in revolution from your lower category people, who are suffering poverty, resistant to the government. Sometimes it will also trigger terrorism. But on the other hand, poverty also can create some jobs options. Manifest function, consequences that are intended and recognized by the participants within a system, of poverty is the fact it gets the " dirty work” completed. Latent function, consequences which have been neither meant nor recognized, of low income is that that separates persons from distinct classes. Valuable dysfunction with the poverty is that it will simply enlarge the gap between the rich and the poor. Issue theory much more focused on controlling the scarce resources.. Apply discord theory to poverty, poor people will try to get out of their very own situation while the rich will perform their best to safeguard the scarce resource. In such a case, the hard to find resource is definitely money, The struggling groups of poverty are the " have got nots”, and these " haves”, rich people, gain a lot more...



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