pelton turbine presentation

 pelton turbine presentation Dissertation



• Water pressurized contains energy.

• Generators convert the vitality in drinking water into

spinning mechanical strength.

• Instinct turbines convert the kinetic

energy of your jet of water to mechanical


• Reaction turbines convert potential energy

in pressurized water to mechanical


Selected Referrals

• Microhydro by Jeff Davis

• Microhydro Design Manual simply by Adam


• Waterturbine. com for picohydro units

• BC Hydro Guide

• Florida National Labs


Instinct Turbines

• Tolerate yellow sand.

• Easy to fabricate.

• Efficient by wide a number

of head and flow.

• A nozzle changes

pressurised drinking water into a

excessive jet of water.

Pelton Turbine – Canyon Companies 3


Impulse Generators

• Pelton

– Low Flow

– Medium to High Brain

• Turgo

– Channel Flow

– Medium to High Mind

• Crossflow

– High Flow

– Low to Method Head

Pelton Turbines

• At least one fly of water

strike the buckets at

atmospheric pressure.

• Maximum jet diameter

about 1/3 bucket size.

• Even more jets increase flow

and are also used for low



0. 61m Pelton – Reliable Turbines Ltd.

Multiple Athletes

• Advantages

– Greater Flow

– Flow control

• May be placed in the

same real estate or

separate housings.

one thousand kW Dual Pelton – Canyon Companies 6

Turgo Turbines


• Similar to Pelton jogger, but a far more

complex cutting tool design.

• Greater movement possible.

Multiple nozzles


• Four to six nozzles might be added prior to

splash disturbance occurs.

• Power result is proportional to the amount

of nozzles.

Spear Regulators

• A spear device changes the nozzle size

without stopping the turbine.

• Expensive.

Spear Valve

being unfaithful


• Deflectors can be used to vary flow.

• Usually used for urgent stop with out causing

drinking water hammer.



Crossflow Turbines


• Banki or Mitchell turbine.

• Shaft oriented horizontally.

• Rectangular nozzle forms the


• Water hits the rotor blades twice.

• A control vane improvements jet size.

Crossflow Turbines

• A draft conduit increases brain.

• Much longer blades enhance flow and power.

• Part stream is accomplished with rupture vanes.

forty five kW Crossflow – Gosier Industries doze

Impulse Turbine Manufacturers

• Harris Hydro - Pelton

• ES& D - Turgo

• Platypus -- Pelton

• Canyon – Pelton

• Dependable – Pelton, Turgo

• Tamar Designs Pty. Ltd. Pelton, Turgo

• HTS - Crossflow


Reaction Turbines


• Expensive cutting tool manufacture.

• High flow costs.

• More site particular than instinct.

• Uses pressure drop across


• Cavitation must be avoided.

• High turbine speed at low head.


• Francis

– Channel Head

• Propeller and Kaplan

– Low Mind

• Pump as Generator

– Method Head


• Information vanes could possibly be

adjusted by governor.

• Efficiency reduces as

circulation decreases.

• Water flow is gigantic from

outdoor to home.

• Flow changes slowly but surely

from gigantic to central.



• Comparable to ships propeller.

• Offers guide vanes similar to

Francis Turbine.

• A Kaplan Turbine provides

variable message blades.

• Part stream efficiency is definitely poor.


Propeller Turbine

Propeller Generator – Trustworthy Turbines Limited.

Pump while Turbine


• Centrifugal pumps can be used as


• Affordable due to mass production.

• No direct correlation between pump

characteristics and turbine characteristics.

• Flow is definitely fixed for any given brain.

• A few manufacturers include tested all their

pumps as turbines.

• Good for grid-tie with debut ? initiation ? inauguration ? introduction motors.

Turbine application

Brain (pressure)

Generator High

(30m +)

Method Low




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