Chapter 22 Criminal Investigation Created Assignment

 Chapter twenty two Criminal Research Written Project Essay

Lesson14. Created Assignment Ch22

1 . So why must a criminal investigator know the guidelines of evidence?

It's the criminal investigators responsibility to collect and maintain evidence which will later be used in court docket to aid within a prosecution. It is essential that the felony investigator is aware the rules of evidence mainly because lack of these kinds of knowledge could cause inadmissibility with the evidence to become used resistant to the defendant in court.

2 . What is the hearsay rule and why does this exist?

Hearsay evidence is where a testifying observe with no knowledge or informative knowledge of the big event repeats details heard outside of court from someone else. It can an overheard version of truth utilized to testify with a second hand experience. Since the quality witness basically in the court room, the accused cannot cross examine them. It is out there because once stories will be repeated, they sometimes are changed and thus their reliability is suspect, making this sort of evidence inadmissible with a few conditions in the hearsay rule. a few. Describe the manner in which circumstantial evidence is used in a lawbreaker prosecution. Circumstantial evidence is basically evidence that has been drawn or inferred via a series of details to pull the conclusion that a defendant is connected to a specific crime. The series of details could just be several unfortunate incidents and do not make up guilt. Yet , the more information there are to infer via, the higher likelihood that the juror is going to infer guilt. four. What factors affect the credibility of the investigator as a experience? For law enforcement officers while witnesses, the population usually desires nothing to always be short of perfection from a great officers' overall performance of obligations and business presentation of account, such may possibly affect the reliability. Perceptions of the jurors could also affect a great officers' trustworthiness with protection attorneys aiming to discredit the testimony in the officer. Simply by preparing for the testimony and giving easy and non-emotional...



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