"On Quoting... inch a Corpus-Based Study on the Phraseology of Well-Known Quotations

 «On Quoting... » a Corpus-Based Study on the Phraseology of Recognized Quotations Essay

" On quoting... "

A corpus-based study on the phraseology of well-known estimates

Sixta Quassdorf

Department of English

School of Basel

sixta. [email protected] ch


Quotations invariably is an interesting linguistic phenomenon in at least two aspects: firstly that they link ordinary language with all the language from the poets, and secondly that they typically symbolize creativity inside formulaicity. To analyze quotations in more detail, a database of quotations coming from and allusions to Shakespeare's Hamlet, one of the most often-quoted fictional artefacts, has been built on the University of Basel. The construction of the data source is layed out and an initial example of program is delivered. The study upon historical phraseology concentrates on 3 lines via Hamlet, which usually despite their common origin and their conceptual similarity fluctuate considerably within their domains and periods of re-application. It is suggested that semantic, rhetoric, syntactic and talk functional elements influence the choice of quotational use.


It of this article specifies its subject in two ways: it does not only denote that, but it is also an exemplification: On citing is itself a estimate, which refers to Bernard Levin's small sketch " On citing Shakespeare" (Levin 1986: 98-9). There mcdougal embedded several 40 quotes from Shakespearean plays into the reiterated mixture of " in the event you [... say so-and-so... ] you are quoting William shakespeare. " This individual thus echoes the widespread assumption that phrases including " to vanish into slender air" in the Tempest (act IV scene 1) or perhaps " to generate a virtue of necessity" from The Two Guys of Verona (IV i) have become an all-natural part of the British language and that most people will no longer be aware of the very fact that they are citing. In other words, Levin suggests that quotations may leave their initial context and turn into part of the English language phrase share. Shakespeare's effect on the English language has frequently been postulated on the grounds of intuitive understanding or by more or less picky or even anecdotal accounts (cf. Bloomfield 1976, Bradley 1904, Jespersen 1958). To procedure the question of how and so why quotations from Shakespeare are conventionalised in a valid educational way, facts from situations outside the domains of William shakespeare criticism or perhaps performance background has to be tracked and analysed. To this kind of end, a corpus of quotations from and allusions to one of Shakespeare's text messaging, Hamlet, has been built being a research device for scientific studies in quotation theory and intertextuality studies simply by linguists, literary and ethnical scholars.

2The HyperHamlet database

2 . 1Purpose and style

The HyperHamlet database have been developed to serve many purposes -- most importantly in order to cultural background the in which, when, so why and how a famous poet person is quoted. The project team made a decision to concentrate on estimates from and allusions to Hamlet as it is allegedly Shakespeare's best known crisis. However , the database isn't only meant to simply collect estimates from Hamlet, but also to function as a expert plan for an upcoming HyperShakespeare, in order to be tailored to a HyperBible or a HyperHomer database to mention only a few conceivable further applications. HyperHamlet provides the user a searchable Hamlet hypertext: clicks on a certain Hamlet series will prompt passages from texts exactly where that line is offered including bibliographical data. Furthermore, the user may well search the database straight: full textual content searches for specific words or phrases, searches for authors, periods, genres and so on retrieve quoting texts related to individualised selection standards. The most important observation parameters happen to be listed in Stand 1 under:

Parameter1st level annotation2nd level annotation


A language like german


Russian in English translation




yearof syndication

of composition

genreprose fictioncrime fiction, children's fiction, medieval, historical …


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