Mind and Reliable Hands

 Mind and Reliable Hands Essay


Everybody has thought of everlasting life during his your life at least once. At times we think that it must be so interesting and required, but a fantasy to be underworld. In my opinion, there are some points in favour of a long lifestyle.

At first if we lived for least 2 hundred years, we would see most countries and miracles on the globe. Secondly we might answer the questions regarding the importance of our your life. The third purpose is that every single man might achieve all his is designed and carry out his own dreams. You would be close to your relatives as long as it is possible, you would view the life of the children and grandchildren. This isso wonderful and outstanding.

I i am not individually in favour of some of these things. Actually I think it is unnatural and needless. The point is that there are plenty of terrible things in our Community, which do not kill us, but take away our push and would like for life. Many people worry about their agony, therefore they don`t want a long life at all. Second of all, there are many the indegent all over the world, whom don`t have got any required things such as house, dress, food, money. I believe they don`t believe that all their pitiful lifestyle will be such a long time and completely happy. Finally, I wish to say that some individuals think that their particular life is worthless, they don`t like it and frequently they make suicide.

To sum up, despite the fact that there are countless points against a long your life, however it can be exciting. But to my mind, people should pass away as soon as it is vital for God, because our life and destiny happen to be in his reliable hands.



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