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1 . Study course Details

Study course Name: Introduction to International Organization

Course Code: MGNT2510 A/B

Instructor: Chak Man Kuen, Almaz

Tel: 3943 7651 (Rm. 837, Cheng Yu Tung Building)E-mail: [email protected] msmail. cuhk. edu. hk

Teaching Assistant: Kong Wei Xi, Cynthia (Rm. 843 Cheng Yu Tung Building) Tel: 3943 7798

E-mail (TA): Class A: [email protected] com

Class B: [email protected] com

2 . Aims and goals

This course aims at providing college students with relevant theoretical ideas and functional insights for better comprehension of the real-life international and global businesses.

Upon doing the course, students must be able to

we. Describe the nature of international organization, and outline the internationalization process for firms;

ii. Understand the major bureaucratic decisions and challenges to get international business enterprises, for instance, site selection, business strategies advancement and admittance modes assortment;

iii. Apply the concepts and concepts to relevant situations.

a few. Teaching Methods

Lectures, group discussion, videos, project and case studies to be used. The job and case studies are designed to help students to understand and apply the ideas and ideas in relevant situations.

some. Assessment

Examination will be made up of:

a. " Discover Intercontinental City” Mouth Report

(Oral Demonstration: 15%+ 5% for e-learning platform)20%

b. 2. Group Project (Written Report)

(For exterior assessment, including 10% for oral presentation)35%

c. Check 35%

g. Class contribution (including Colleagues Evaluation)10%

Note: Attention is usually drawn to University or college policy and regulations upon honesty in academic function, and to the disciplinary rules and types of procedures applicable to breaches of such plan and polices. Details can be found at:

With each assignment, learners will be needed to submit a statement that they are mindful of these policies, regulations, recommendations and types of procedures.

5. " Discover Worldwide City ”Report Presentation

For Presenters

In order to motivate one to be current with the advancement different international/overseas cities plus the global environment, each team will deliver an mouth presentation on one or two urban centers among the 19 countries of G20. (Pls refer to Desk 1 intended for assigned countries) During the presentation, each staff will have regarding 20 mins for writing and delivering your components, followed by a 15-minute Q& A session. Appendix 1 says the assessment criteria for presentation. The presentation will need to at least cover (1. ) the general information and development of the city/ies (preference is given to capital intended for developing countries) that you have chosen, (2. ) the development of probably the most important market in the selected city/ies and (3. ) factors leading to the success of the chosen sector (You might use any designs or ideas that you learned from other classes to elizabeth. g. INFESTATIONS (political, monetary, social and technological) Research, Porter's Five Forces, SWOT, etc in explaining the achievements of the sector chosen too. ) You may also share the insight and thoughts on similar issues regarding the city(ies) that you think are important to international business corporations/ managers. A group grade will probably be given to the whole team, yet, extra benefit points intended for outstanding person presenter will be granted too.

The presentation materials ought to be in digital format and email to Ms Cynthia Kong by [email protected] com (Class A) / [email protected] com (Class B) who will be responsible for submitting the files on e-learning platform. Pls send the file with her at least 1 day prior to presentation. Pls...



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