Medea and antigone

 Medea and antigone Dissertation

Medea and Antigone will be two reports of interest drove girls. Together the ladies of these tales break what the law states of gentleman and not in favor of the laws of gods both characters are managed by their sentiment. Medea and Antigone are strong, sometimes- manipulative, Medea more than Antigone. The designs of both stories; in my mind, are ladies, passion, and spiritual beliefs. They also happen to be drove by the actions of men inside their lives. Both are very morally different and their actions are recorded completely different causes.

Medea probably the most conflicted of the two characters. The lady seems to have one of the most going on with this story. Medea is often very requiring in getting what that she wants. She is going to do what she must do to acquire what your woman wants. Medea killed many people, which includes her own sons and a little princess, in order to just spite her unlawful and cheating husband. Medea can be consider an early, when ever she addresses out against women's status in contemporary society, proclaiming that they have no choice of whom to marry, which a man can easily rid themselves of a female to acquire another when he desires, but women always has to " retain eyes on a single alone. " (231-247 Medea) Medea lied and conned friends to attempt to acquire amount of time in order to get what the lady wants. In cases like this what the lady wants is usually revenge of husband. The girl tricks a friend to give her asylum in Athens after she has committed her ridiculous task. Medea even should go so far as to con Creon, the california king himself in to giving her an extra day. Medea gets rid of out of pure revenge and revenge for Jason. She plots for weeks to eliminate Jason's fresh bride and poisons her, and then just before she leaves the country the lady murders her two sons, she experienced with Jerr, before she rides away in her bright white chariot. " Let me send the kids with gifts... to the bride-to-be... and if she wears all of them upon her skin... she is going to die. " (784-788 Medea) When she tells the chorus in the plans to kill the youngsters, they imagine she has the heart to kill her children, that she...

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