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1 ) Kecerdasan penjuru Teori Howard Gardner. Ciri-ciri dan contoh. LinguisticВ Intelligence

5. involves understanding the order and meaning of words in both speech and producing and how to properly use the dialect. MusicalВ Intelligence

2. the ability to understand and generate music.

2. deals with the complete realm of sound, shades, beats, and vibration habits * Musicians, composers and dancers present a higher music intelligence

SpatialВ Intelligence

2. the ability to " think in pictures, " to see the visible world accurately, and recreate (or alter) it inside the mind or on paper. * Spatial cleverness is highly produced in performers, architects, designers and sculptors

Bodily-kinestheticВ Intelligence

* a chance to use your body in a experienced way, intended for self-expression or toward a goal. Mimes, dancers, basketball players, and celebrities are amongst those who display bodily-kinesthetic brains.

InterpersonalВ Intelligence

* a great ability to see and appreciate other individuals -- all their moods, wants, and motivations. Political and religious commanders, skilled father and mother and professors, and experienced therapist use this intellect.

IntrapersonalВ Intelligence

5. an understanding of your respective own feelings. Some novelists and or counsellors use their particular experience to steer others.

Naturalist Intelligence

5. involves the total range of knowing that occurs in and through our activities with the organic world which includes our reputation, appreciation, and understanding of the natural environment.

2 . Explanation:

i) Conservation

- The realisation that objects or sets of objects stay the same even when they can be changed about or built to look several.

ii) Egocentrism (egosentrisme)

5. The belief that you are the centre of the world and every thing revolves around you: the corresponding failure o see the world since someone else will and go for it. * Certainly not moral selfishness, just an early stage f psychological development.

3. Pigget cognitive development theory

* Piaget viewed creation organismically, item of children work to understand and act on all their world. * His specialized medical method involve observation with flexible issue, he realized that children of the identical ages produced similar types of problems in reasoning. * This individual suggest that cognitive development begin with an inborn ability to adapt to the environment. 5. The more children explore and deal with, the more accurate picture they will get. * This kind of cognitive growth involve several interrelated process:


* -tendency to create categories, find a commons and put in one category and develop sophisticated cognitive constructions called schemas -schemes: methods of organizing information about the world that give a way intended for human to believe and act Adaption

-how kids handle new information from environment that happens in two complementary process. 1) Assimilation: taking new information and incorporating this into existing cognitive buildings 2) Holiday accommodation: adjusting a single cognitive set ups to fit the newest information Sense of balance

* A constant seeking a stable harmony or equilibrium- dictates the shift via assimilation and accommodations, achieved through a equilibrium of assimilation and hotel * Therefore for piaget, development arises in 4 universal techniques, qualitatively different stages. Every stages signify time of disequilibrium.

4. 6 topi pemikiran Edward De Bono, 85. Explain and Example. 5. Blue Head wear Thinking

Blue Hat considering focuses on deal with the thinking process, focus, next steps, action strategies. problems.

* White-colored Hat Thinking

White Head wear thinking is targeted on data, details, information regarded " The important points, just the information. "

* Crimson Hat Pondering

Red Cap thinking focuses on feelings, hunches, gut behavioral instinct, and instinct.

* Yellowish Hat Considering

Yellow Hat thinking concentrates on values and benefits.

Why a thing may work

* Green Hat Thinking

Green Hat...



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