Linking Phrases and Developing Rythm

 Linking Words and Developing Rythm Composition

Linking words and expanding rhythm intended for greater fluency

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Pronunciation in context9

Types of linking11


Believed groups and pausing26


When do I take advantage of contractions? 23

Why should I use contractions? 32

Voice work – consonants34

What is a consonant? 34

Been vocal and unvoiced consonants34

Last consonant sounds35

Final ‘s' word endings37

Check your progress39


Advised responses41




Having worked through Sections one particular and two of the module, you will right now know there are numerous things to think about in British pronunciation. Such as pronouncing individual sounds, pronouncing syllables, straining the correct syllables in a word and stressing particular words in a sentence. In Section 2 we generally concentrated about smaller regions of speech including sounds, syllables and terms.

What likely to learn

In Section several you will learn regarding pronunciation by looking at greater chunks or perhaps parts of conversation such as the word. This includes a number of important areas for effective English pronunciation including:

• linking

• rhythm

• thought groupings

• pausing

NOTE: The tracks have been linked to the audio tracks. Simply click for the words Trail XX and will also be able to pay attention to the sound.


English phrases ‘run together' so that a sentence often sounds like a single long phrase. Joining the sounds at the conclusion of one expression to the start of the next expression is a common practice in The english language. It is called linking. This will make English talk sound soft and fluent. It is important as it helps you to appreciate other people more easily and other persons will understand you more easily.

Listen to the linking inside the example below.

|[pic] |Track 45

Is(it(an(evening study course?

When you hyperlink words with each other, you keep your voice going smoothly. Connecting makes English language speech appear fast and fluent. In a few languages, loudspeakers do not accomplish this but have a short breathing after every single word.

|[pic] |Do you make use of linking when you speak inside your first terminology?

Let's do a practice activity wherever we pay attention to linking in a natural English dialogue.

|[pic] |Activity one particular

Look at the following conversation between two colleagues whom arrive at focus on Monday morning hours. Can you foresee what the lacking questions will be?

Kate: Hi Evan.

Evan: Hi there, Kate

Kate: 1_____________________?

Evan: Yes, thanks. It was great.

Kate: 2_____________________?

Evan: Oh nothing special. Performed tennis on Saturday. Went to visit my buddy and his family on Weekend. You know, the most common weekend factor.

|[pic] |Track 46

Now tune in to the DISC and fill out the lacking words in Activity 1 ) Can you imagine how many words had been in each one?

Query 1 provides _____ phrases.

Question a couple of has _____ words.

Assess your answer with the Recommended Responses by the end of this section.

Did you catch all of the words that were said? It could have been challenging to count all the words for instance a of the words and phrases joined additional words and for that reason became hard to identify while listening.

In Section two we viewed the changes that occur when speech becomes rapid and informal and exactly how certain words and phrases are stressed or unstressed. This practice encourages relating as we can skip quickly over unstressed words by simply linking them to other...



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