Linclon Reaction Conventional paper

 Linclon Reaction Paper

LINCLON Reaction Newspaper


Shown in Press History (JOUR 418)

Section of Writing

Professor Judith Frutig

California State Very long Beach, November 18, 2012

On Monday November 26th I watched the just lately released film Lincoln, at United Music artists Cinema in Long Beach. Lincoln subsequently was described by Steven Spielberg and released in movies around the United states of america on The fall of 16th, 2012. The film had a popular cast with Lincoln's character was played out by Daniel Day-Lewis, Jane Todd Lincoln by Sally Field, William Seward by David Strathaim and Thaddeus Stevens by simply Tommy Shelter Jones. The film was based on Bateau Kearns Goodwin biography entitled ‘Team of Rival: The Political Wizard of Abraham Lincoln'. After the release of the book Spielberg became captivated by Lincoln's personality and attained the film rights towards the book. Shortly after pre-production to get the film began back in 1999.

The story line is based throughout the last four months of President Abraham Lincoln's existence during his second term of his presidency. The Civil Conflict is believed to be coming to an end as well as the northern states of the union continue to fight the the southern area of confederate says in an effort to remove slavery. The film seriously focuses on the month of January in 1865 where Lincoln directed his efforts in passing the thirteenth amendment to the United States Constitution throughout the House of Representatives. Before the variation in 1963, Lincoln given the Emancipation Proclamation which will proclaimed almost all slaves in america to be ‘forever free, ' including individuals men from your confederate declares that were in rebellion through the war. Most of the people thought that the war was coming to an end in the coming weeks and Lincoln subsequently believed the Emancipation Proclamation would be ignored once the warfare ended and peace was established. Passing the thirteenth modification was important to Director Lincoln as it formally and legally outlawed slavery and involuntary contrainte of all...



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