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For every theory there is also a counter argument. What are the criticisms and arguments against Transformational Leadership? Identify the sources and clearly state the reasoning behind the criticisms. Choose a position to get or against Transformational Leadership and protect your position with argument


This essay is based on the Transformational management theory and you will be referred to as TL throughout this kind of essay. This essay will appear into criticisms and arguments against the theory and evaluate the reasoning of these criticisms and fights. Effective leaders are well which in greatest practice it can be never practical to apply one type of leadership and adaptability is vital to get a smooth operation. This composition will therefore stand for Life changing Leadership exactly where it is appropriate and against it in which it is not. It will then articulate on the reasons behind this pondering.

Main Human body

The original theory of TL was developed simply by James Burns in 1978 but it can be said that Bernard Striper is the main theorist behind the continuous advancement TL. Coming from 1985 onwards Bernard Striper was licensed with more of the structured and better development on the theory of TL. Transformational leadership is very much dependant on human nature and how best to utilize this to achieve better performance. This naturally meant that just as with being human there were a large number of complex flaws with TL and the scholars and experts were at any time ready to emphasise this. TL was as well criticised for not being able to separate as a single theory since the knowledge of other ideas was necessary in order for the concepts to be grasped by potential innovator. Babou (2008) " Learning the difference between transactional and transformational management is vital when you get the whole notion of transformational management theory” (pg1). Due to different viewpoints and counter quarrels against TL, Bass and Avolio produced The Full Range Leadership Model (FRL), which usually integrated being unfaithful factors from transactional management and transformational leadership. Kirkbride (2006) " The FRL model makes the point that what is required is a enhancements made on the balance of leadership behaviours, away from the even more transactional plus more towards the transformational” (pg8).

Kirkbride (2006)

This was an essential development since TL was compared with Transactional leadership by critics and seemed to flunk or still to confirm its better qualities. Mullin ((2007) " Transactional management is based on genuine authority inside the bureaucratic structure of the organisation” (Pg381). An additional criticism of TL is that it was dependant on further ideas, and had strong similarities to participative command theory. ChangingMinds. org (2011) " A Participative Head, rather than choosing autocratic decisions, seeks to involve other people in the process, perhaps including subordinates, peers, superiors and other stakeholders”(pg23). The relationship to other ideas is true the basis of how FRL originated, but this integration do however nonetheless make TL its own entity and help to stabilize it is theoretical history.

In 1998 Bass sounds and Avolio developed the 4 aspects of TL in order to characterize the leader that accessories TL. These types of 4 pieces are referred to as 4Is of Transformational command.

Cherry, K (2012)

The Components of Transformational Command

Bass also suggested that there were 4 different pieces of transformational command. Intellectual Activation – Life changing leaders not merely challenge its condition; they also encourage creativity between followers. The leader encourages fans to explore innovative ways of doing things and fresh opportunities to learn. Individualized Account – Transformational leadership as well involves giving support and encouragement to individual supporters. In order to promote supportive associations, transformational leaders keep lines of interaction open so that followers truly feel...



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