Lab Gear

 Lab Tools Essay

Isaac Hilton

and Kalle Watts

Way of measuring Lab 9, 27, 2012

In this measurement lab we attempted to maximize precise and a lot accurate measurements. We applied the materials and tools that we needed to make our measurements. There were to deal with significant figures and in addition, we had to designate every single measurement with its proper unit. The objective of this lab was going to use our equipment we had and obtain the most accurate measurements as possible. Second, we had to set each measurement and convert it for the unit that were asked for.

Materials: Water

Equipment: The equipment we used were things like paper clips, rubber arreter, book, piece of wood, circular object, normal water, pencil, inmiscuirse stick, research laboratory room, beaker, ourselves, as well as a weight scale. In this lab we initially converted the size of paper show from 1 . 86 millimeter to 3. forty five cm. Second we discovered the mass of a rubberized stopper which was 44. 75 grams. We all then scored the mass of a book in grms which was 117g, also found the volume of a item of wood in cm cubed which was forty five cm cubed, then all of us figured the volume of the round object using water displacement method plus the volume of the object was 42cm squared. Next we discovered the volume of t=a pencil by water displacement that was 49 ml. finally, we measure the length, width level, and volume of the room, the space was being unfaithful. 6 meters, the size was 6th. 87 m, the height 2 . 44 m, and the quantity was one hundred sixty. 92 m cubed. We all measured my own height which will was168. five m and 5. 53 feet. My own weight was 131. four pnds and 59. 73 kilograms. All of us then tested temperature of water within a beaker that was 70 degree C. All of us then scored the fullness of 90 sheets of paper which was 2 mm.



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