Juveniles inside the Adult Rights System

 Essay regarding Juveniles inside the Adult Justice System

п»їMarisa Williams

Ms. Sue


18 February 2014

Juveniles in the Adult Proper rights System

It is often seen in the media nowadays more juveniles are assigning serious criminal activity. Even more frequently now, we see these children tried and punished because adults. Lots of people are against this practice, but it is in reality a smart decision. Often times the adolescent can rectify themselves, as noticed in the case of Greg Ousley. A teenager who may be capable of perpetrating terrible crimes are able to handle, and stay held responsible for, the treatment that comes along with them. Even though these adolescents may not be totally mature during the criminal offense, they are psychologically, emotionally, and physically in a position of making adult decisions and thus deserve mature consequences. With many of these situations, in which a child does a thing horrendous such as murder, it is far from a mistake or lapse in judgment. It seems like kids convicted of these offences have a desire to commit these people. In the case of a teen murdering a female and her husband in Chicago, Jenkins says, " … this individual just wanted to ‘see what it would seem like to shoot someone'” (2). This was not an absence of impulse control. This was not a major accident. This was a planned murder, outlined and executed by a teenager. Juveniles are capable of thinking of and committing such offences – they should be capable of dealing with the results. Those against giving teens these content use the reality their brains are not fully developed. This can indeed cause erratic tendencies and instinct decisions, but it really does not mean the child can no longer comprehend the difference among right and wrong. In his article, " Startling Finds on Teen Brains, ” Paul Thompson writes, " While research on brain-tissue loss can help us to understand teens better, it can not be used to excuse their chaotic or homicidal behavior” (11). There will always be young adults who find crime. That is not rely on the degree of brain creation, because " If...

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