It 273 Unit 1 Kaplan College or university

 Essay upon it 273 Unit 1 Kaplan University

Unit 1 Project

IT 273 Networking Concepts

Kaplan University

Project requirements:

1 . Unit 1 assessment questions:

a. The capabilities provided by a network are generally referred to as network Resources. w. A(n) Customer server may also be known as basically an get server. c. False: A client/server network is the simplest network style. d. Phony: A common way to share solutions on a client/server network through modifying the file-sharing controls via the pc's operating system. elizabeth. False: The oldest but still most frequently employed network marketing communications services are print providers. 2 . Install Visio with your workstation. Visio can be obtained coming from MSDNAA. When Visio is definitely installed, produce a simple network diagram. Commence the Visio application, choose Network, in that case Basic Network Diagram. Start with clicking the Computers and Monitors tabs, then move a few Personal computers to the plan, one the upper right, the other the lower right. Next click the Network and Peripherals tab, move a switch to the middle of the diagram, drag a machine to the top left and a printer towards the bottom still left. Next, we should connect the devices. Click on the Comm-link icon to connect the devices for the switch. Click here for sampleВ Unit1_Sample. vsd

3. Identify in your own terms the similarities and differences between a peer-to-peer network and a client-server network. The difference between your two is the fact a peer to peer network is composed of customer workstations, which usually share assets and files, but they are not centrally been able by different computers, while a client server manages all activities on the network. Equally servers utilize the same moderate, and both have external gadgets such as printers and send machines. 4. Describe two hypothetical conditions, one in which in turn a peer-to-peer network will be most appropriate and one in which a client-server network would be most appropriate, and explain how come the particular network type would be most appropriate for the case. Expert to peer; A small company with a network...



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