Islam Research Paper

John Locke

Mrs. Wilmer

Writing Seminar

24 September 2012

The Growing Danger of Islam

Islam is currently the fastest growing religion in the us. According to the Huffington post, above eighty percent of the Mosques in America have already been built within the last twenty years. Nearly all Muslims condition Islam is actually a peaceful faith and those that practice Jihad (this means Muslims are waging a " holy war” fought against Infidels or non-Muslims) are taking the religion past an acceptable limit, but those that practice Jihad will tell you they are practicing accurate Islam. Islam teaches the followers to rehearse Taqqiya, which teaches Muslims to use deceptiveness to gain the trust of their enemies sometime later it was betray all of them. Once Islam has absorbed a certain region they put into action what is named Shari'ah law, which adjusts private and public existence in accordance with Islam.

Jihad is among the most dangerous Islamic belief; it really is what energy sources the fire for the majority of terrorist groups which exist. Jihad is the true mother nature of Islam, yet we could inviting Muslims into each of our country and catering to them by any means we can. Muslims that become martyrs for their religion have already been promised seventy- two virgins in Jannah and forgiveness of sins after death. The last thoughts of the Muslims on the planes that criticized into the two towers on nine 12 were of their seventy- two virgins these people were going to be greeted simply by.

Taqqiya is what is supporting Muslims to earn the trust of countries and permitting Islam to sink its claws into the backbone of these nation's authorities. That is exactly what is happening to America. We have brushed away terrorists since unrelated to Islam and thus deemed Islam a peaceful religion. Once they have received enough of your trust they may turn that against us and catch us away guard and shoot all of us in the again. The terrorists on seven eleven got infiltrated our country and enrolled in our flight schools. On that dark day time, they employed what we trained them against us and...



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