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Automated Cellular Greenhouse Management System

A Thesis submitted in partial completion of the Requirements for the Degree of

In Consumer electronics and Computers By Quan Minh Assiste a



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Increases in greenhouse sizes have forced the growers to increase way of measuring points pertaining to tracking modifications in our environment, thus enabling economical and more correct adjustments. Yet , increases in measurement details mean increases in set up and protection cost. Let alone, once the measurement points have been built and installed, they might be tedious to relocate in the future. Therefore , the objective of this Experts thesis is usually to present a novel job called " Automated Wireless Greenhouse Climate Management System” which is able of smartly monitoring and controlling the green house climate conditions in a preprogrammed fashion. The suggested system consists of three stations: Sensor Train station, Coordinator Stop, and Central Station. Enabling better monitoring of the local climate condition in the greenhouse, the sensor stop is equipped with a number of sensor factors such as CARBON DIOXIDE, Temperature, humidness, light, dirt moisture and soil heat. The interaction between the sensor station as well as the coordinator stop is obtained via ZigBee wireless themes and the conversation between manager station plus the central station is obtained via long-range RF modems. An important aspect of designing an invisible network may be the reliability of information transmission. Therefore , it is important to make sure that the created system will not likely lose packets during tranny. An experiment was performed in one of the greenhouses at Plant and Foodstuff Research Ltd, New Zealand in order to identify the functionality and reliability from the designed wifi sensor network using ZigBee wireless technology. The Research result implies that ZigBee modules works extremely well as one solution to lower the installation cost, increase overall flexibility and trustworthiness and make a greenhouse management system that is simply based on wireless nodes. The overall system structures shows positive aspects in expense, size, electricity, flexibility and distributed brilliant. It is presumed that the final results of the job will provide the chance for further r and d of a affordable automated wi-fi greenhouse management system for professional.


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A journey is a lot easier when you travel and leisure together. Interdependence is certainly more valuable than independence. This kind of thesis is the result of job whereby I've been accompanied and supported by a large number of people. It is a pleasant factor that I have recently the opportunity to share my gratitude to all of them. I would like to convey my honor to my supervisors, Senior Lecturer Doctor Gourab Sen Gupta and Associate Professor Dr . Subhas Mukhopadhayay, who have given myself encouragement and assistance to complete my Masters Project. We am indebted to Doctor Gourab Sen Gupta intended for his ongoing support and supervision of my study and offering me with valuable advice and expert guidance, and above all his technical responses. Without his help and support this work probably would not have been likely. I truly thank Dr . Subhas Mukhopadhayay for his valuable suggestions, and numerous helpful pointers. Many thanks to Colin Plaw, Ken Mercer, Anthony Sort, Kerry Griffiths and John Edwards because of their help and support upon technical concerns, and priceless comments to improve the fresh work in the laboratory. I would like to give thanks to the New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Ltd to get providing myself with useful...



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