Developing Ict in Education

 Integrating Ict in Education Essay


Let's go back to the 70's: during those moments, did we think that the computer system industry would be a part of each of our day to day lives one day? Today, be it banking, ticketing, messages, day to day accounting or any different work, we use computers practically for every activity of existence. As computer systems have become a fundamental element of our lives today it is necessary to know more about it. This is where need for computer education is available in. Computers today are very highly effective tool in gathering information. With a simple click of your mouse, all information that you want to be aware of will be your own. Teachers and students are extremely fortunate mainly because they can very easily get all of the answers for their assignments, studies, term documents, etc .


This kind of research should improve the educating and learning capacity of teachers and students through the use of ICT in Mataas em Paaralang Neptali A. Gonzales.

Especially, it aims to widen the teachers' and students' ability to use the pcs in terms of:

1 . Microsoft Office/Linux

a. MS Word/Open workplace Writer

n. MS Excel/Open office Calc

c. MS PowerPoint/Open workplace Impress

d. Internet Surfing

2 . The use of ICT in education by strengthening classroom learning instruction using MS Business office and/or Linux System

3. Sustain the utilization of ICT in education in MPNAG financially.


With the foregoing challenges stated over, the following actions are recommended:

1 ) Conduct ICT Literacy schooling to educators and learners 2 . Give regular hands-on trainings to get teachers and students a few. Allow educators and college students to use the BCA place and ICT tools and equipment in their lesson four. Organize a great ICT Golf club

5. Request a little sum of money for every assistance they can comes from the BCA Room (i. e. printing, scanning, etc . )


Despite the growing attention upon computer technology in education, its use in the classroom has not grown for the extent predicted. Targeting instructors as the important thing resource to optimize the utilization of computers inside the classrooms, the responses for the teacher teaching programme were disappointing. In some cases the computers were empty because several teachers planning to retire could not understand the goal of the programme, and were reluctant to compliment and put into practice a existence skills expansion curriculum by their level. According to the research entitled " Survey of Information & Interaction Technology Use in Filipino Public Substantial Schools, Preliminary Findings by Victoria D. Tinio, Representative for e-Learning, Foundation for Information Technology Education and Creation, " Teachers are critical to the achievement of technology integration in their classroom. A school's capacity to make use of technology to improve the learning process depends not merely on the level of development in terms of ICT infrastructure and resources although equally on the level of tutor ICT-competencies, both equally technical and curricular/pedagogical. ” Yet, many teachers show that it is likely to accomplish superb things with the integration of ICT in classroom. An additional problem is that, the school may have the services to integrate ICT in their teaching-learning procedure but it's not enough for those teachers who would like to integrate it. Another factor also is the availability of the time with the teacher-in-charge in the computer lab.

In a review made by Exito L. Tinio, there five biggest road blocks in their universities use of ICT for teaching and learning. These are (1) Lack of enough computers (2) Lack of enough technical support intended for operating and maintaining ICT resources (3) lack of instructor training possibilities (4) lack of space intended for computers (5) general not enough funds pertaining to operations which includes maintenance of tools, purchase of supplies, and electrical power.


As of present, the MPNAG has three computer labs. One...

Recommendations: 1 . Review of Information and Communication Technology Utilization in Philippine Open public High Colleges, Preliminary Findings by Victoria L. Tinio, March 2002

2 . Some Imperatives of ICT Integration in the Philippine Educational Program Towards Modernization and Relevance in a Remarkably Globalized Economic system by Jose V. Camacho, Roderica 3rd there’s r. Camacho, and Basilisa V. Camacho





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