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Licensed exclusively for use on the City University of Hong Kong. Unauthorized work with or duplication of this circumstance is strictly prohibited. The South Chinese suppliers Morning Content (SCMP) is one of the oldest and the most respected newspaper publishers in Asia. It has centered the English-language market in Hong Kong as its debut in 1903 despite consistent competition from your Eastern Communicate and The (Hong Kong) Common. The SCMP has established a reputation to get quality based on a viewpoint that " good content material attracts readers, and marketing will follow”. The Contemporary society of Writers in Asia has chosen SCMP since the year's " ideal English-language newspaper in Asia” four times since 1999 while its copy writers and professional photographers have received many local and regional awards. SCMP is the most reliable news media in Hong Kong (according to a 06\ survey by Chinese College or university of Hong Kong). It's the primary information source pertaining to foreigners working in China, and also for the best-educated, most-affluent homeowners in Hk, ranking prior to the Wall Street Journal Asia, the Hong Kong Economic Instances, the Monetary Times, and the Hong Kong Economical Journal. SCMP tends to be the southern area of China's first choice for specialist job adverts and appeals to high-end consumer product advertisements (e. g. for extravagance goods, overseas properties, wristwatches & jewelry, and riches management services). The To the south China Morning hours Post paper is the range topping product of SCMP Group. The group also posts magazines (such as Multicultural and Harper's Bazaar), creates music and videos, and has managed stores (including Daily Quit, Dymocks, and Health Plus), but the most revenues and profits happen to be derived from their newspaper functions. The Hard anodized cookware financial crisis beginning in 97 hurt many organisations. Belt tightening up and some bankruptcies in Hk reduced the necessity for newspaper advertising. SCMP experienced a dramatic decline in classified ads – coming from more than 250 pages with an average Sat in early 1997 to less than 100 about Saturdays at the end of 1998. After a partial recovery by the yr 2000, SCMP's advertising earnings declined again in 2001 and 2002, reflecting softness in the local economic climate. The break out of SARS in 2003 severely disadvantaged Hong Kong. This created " an extremely tough business environment” for the SCMP Group, reducing the sales simply by 20 percent and slashing it is EPS to one Hong Kong penny. Although its profitability eventually recovered, SCMP remains threatened by eager competition as well as rising time and newsprint costs. The effect of a global financial trouble represents another business challenge. SCMP investors have already been disappointed by a discuss price which has not only declined steadily, nevertheless also underperformed against nearly all benchmark. Experimenting with E-Publishing

Electric publishing began in United states during the early 1990s once newspapers and other mass media businesses started to go surfing as a delivery channel. The price of entry for on-line web publishers, especially in conditions of technology, production and marketing investments, is low compared with hard-copy publishers. Nevertheless , business analysts have suggested that traditional news companies could leverage their content material, including media stories, editorials, photographs and videos, and use all their established brands to stand out in a packed market. SCMP responded to the emergence of e-publishing with a trial-and-error procedure, exploring the specialized feasibility of and marketplace reaction to numerous online companies


providers. This was widely perceived as a reactive and defensive maneuver, especially after having a SCMP movie director expressed his skepticism regarding the business leads for Net publishing. The SCMP plank of company directors later identified e-publishing to include " any kind of form of publishing that has not been ink-on-paper” and envisioned data delivery through various press. SCMP released its first Internet site, PostNet, with...



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