IC Engine Question and answers

 IC Engine Question and answers Article

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IC Engine

GATE, IES & IAS 20 Years Query Answers


Chapter – 1: Gas Power Periods

Chapter - 2: SI and CI Engines

Part - a few: Carburetion and Fuel Treatment

Chapter -- 4: Powers

Chapter -- 5: SuperCharging

Chapter - 6: Fly Propulsion

Phase - six: IC Engine Performances

Phase - almost eight: Engine Air conditioning

Chapter -- 9: Emission and Control

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Gas Electricity Cycles

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1 .

Chapter 1

Gas Power Periods


Prior Years DOOR Questions

Carnot cycle


A cyclic heat engine does 55 kJ of work per cycle. If the effectiveness of the warmth engine is definitely 75%, the heat rejected every cycle is


a couple of

(a)16 kJ



(b)33 kJ



(c)37 kJ


a couple of

(d)66 kJ



A Carnot cycle has an efficiency of 0. 75. If the temp of the warm reservoir is 727° C/ what is the temperature of low temperature water tank?


(a) 23°C

(b) -23°C

(c) 0°C

(d) 250°C


A temperature transformer is actually a device that transfers part of the heat, delivered to it at an advanced temperature, to a high temperature tank while rejecting the remaining part to a low temperature heat kitchen sink. In such a temperature transformer, 95 kJ of heat is supplied for 350 K. The maximum volume of heat in kJ that can be transferred to four hundred K, if the rest is definitely rejected to this can be used in 400 K, when snooze is turned down to a high temperature sink by 300 T is (a) 12. 50

(b) 18. 29

(c) 33. 33

(d) 57. 14



A solar energy centered heat engine which will get 80 kJ of heat by 100 degrees C and rejects 70 kJ of heat to the ambient at 35 deg C is to be designed. The thermal efficiency from the heat engine is


(a) 70%

(b) 1 . 88%

(c) 12. 5%

(d) indeterminate

Stirling circuit


A Stirling circuit and a Carnot pattern operate among 50°C and 350°C. Their efficiencies are ηs and ηc respectively. In this case, which will of the subsequent statements holds true?


(a) ηs > ηc

(b) ηs sama dengan ηc

(c) ηs < ηc

(d) The sign of (ηs - ηc) depends on the operating fluids employed

Ericsson circuit


A cycle comprising two invertible isothermal procedures and two reversible isobaric processes is referred to as


(a) Atkinson pattern

(b) Stirling cycle

(c) Brayton pattern

(d) Ericsson cycle


A gas turbine circuit with infinitely large number of periods during compression and enlargement leads to


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Gas Power Cycles

S K Mondal's

(a) Stirling cycle

(c) Ericsson pattern

Chapter one particular

(b) Atkinson cycle

(d) Brayton pattern

The constant volume or Otto cycle


Which one in the following is NOT a necessary assumption to get the airstandard Otto cycle? (a) Almost all processes are internally and also externally inversible. (b) Intake and deplete processes are constant volume heat rejection processes.

(c) The burning process can be described as constant quantity heat addition process. (d) The working liquid is an ideal gas with frequent specific heats. [GATE-2008]


An engine working away at air normal Otto circuit has a canister diameter of 10 centimeter and cerebrovascular accident length of 12-15 cm. Exactely specific heats for atmosphere is 1 ) 4. In the event the clearance volume level is 196. 3 cc and the heat supplied per kg of air every...



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