How Pasta Is created

 How Nudeln Is Made Composition

How Pasta Is created.

Pasta is one of the simplest and purest foods around, as it is made of merely two ingredients, semolina and water, with no addition of any invisible artificial preservatives or colorings. Selection of Natural Material

The first important step in producing good nudeln is the choice of the appropriate organic material. Almost all quality teigwaren is made from Durum wheat semolina. Durum whole wheat is considered to be one of the most noble of most hard whole wheat and the wealthiest in nutritional value. Durum wheat is what gives pasta it is rich taste, pleasant aroma and glowing, amber-yellow color. It is also what helps this remain company and keep it is shape and its particular nutrients although cooking. Mitsides long experience of 8 decades makes sure that the best quality durum wheat coming from various granaries around the world is always chosen for the production of their pasta. Every wheat cargo is lab tested to ensure it contours to all standards and is then simply stored in you�re able to send special grain silos. From there it is transferred to the Mitsides Flourmills intended for the production from the semolina. Semolina Production

Before the milling begins, the wheat kernels are completely cleaned to rid all of them of virtually any foreign chemicals and are in that case brushed to eliminate the exterior layer from the bran and any staying impurities. They are really then trained and hydrated to ensure they obtain the right moisture levels, before that they enter the canister machines the place that the milling starts. The grinding is done in stages in which the wheat nucleus is broken until the inner part of the feed (endosperm) is usually separated from the outer skin area (bran). The milling offshoot is then sieved to remove most bran leaving behind pure semolina. The semolina is then used in the Teigwaren factory, where the pasta production will begin. Creation of Pasta

The semolina first makes its way into the kneading machines, in which it is combined with water until it forms a dough. For special varieties of pasta just like lasagne and tricolore, further ingredients including dried...



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