How Art Changed The World

 How Art Changed The earth Essay

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What I identified interesting relating to this video was the venus physique. I thought it had been strange just how weird a great abnormal searching this number was. Though this related figure was found all around the world. The same overstated features, big hips, large breasts, and bigger figure. It was what was evidently important to persons back in the day, this figure revealed an ideal woman. What I believed was more interesting about this was how the great woman is promoting over time. They are really completely different in comparison. For example catwalk models will be beautiful and small in figure, plus the venus physique resembles non-e of those.

Another interesting thing through the video was how Egyptians drew their very own people. It absolutely was clear that all their numbers were very similar to each other in every single painting. They will choose to present each part of a person from the finest angle. All their chest was forward, face to the side, thighs sideways, eyes straight in, palms away, and they had been two dimensional. They also employed grids to draw and so each number would continually be the same ratios.

Greeks also a new different take on how they portrayed people. We were holding fixated around the human body. They will believed that Gods could take human kind and Gods generally had a very buff fit physique. With that said they will believed that if you had a sporty in shape body that you portrayed a God. In Italy two statues were found at the underside of the ocean, beautiful pieces or artwork. Generally the sculptures had one side from the body in motion as well as the other area of the body system not in motion. This is very unrealistic to look like an actual person. Another unrealistic trait about the Greeks art was they tried to make the sculptures perfect frequently the hip and legs and the human body were not with the right portion to what would resemble a genuine human.

What I acquired from the video was how art has changed throughout history. And the notion of an ideal person has considerably changed and may continue to alter as time goes on.



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