Road Basic safety Awareness

 Road Protection Awareness Dissertation




This topic focuses on street safety. The knowledge base includes institutional responsibility of street safety, the introduction of a highway safety plan of action, raising recognition and comprehension of road security problems, highway safety education and training, traffic security legislation, adjustment of traffic laws, and monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of road security activities. In addition, it includes samples of Terms of Reference.

Transfer Scenario in Dhaka (BANGLADEH)

Dhaka's travel system problems to cope with the necessity of an increasing population. It can be characterized by over-crowding, high polluting of the environment levels, large numbers of incidents, and excessive user costs. The increase inside the number of ineffective modes, such as cars, in recent times has amplified the situation. The quantity of private automobiles has increased coming from 87, 866 in 2003 to 1, 12-15, 880 completely. Dhaka's tracks struggle to cater to the demands of their traffic. Visitors jams aggravate when automobiles to playground use 1 (or even two) lanes. Unlike many mega-cities, several forms of transport use Dhaka's roads. Every has different operational qualities. Road users, just like cars, chartering and CNG ‘baby taxis' are not known for the respect they give either to traffic rules in order to each other. Pedestrians, too, often choose to disregard the rules in the road.


* Pedestrians- The most Vulnerable road consumer group

• Pedestrians exclusively are involved in more than 47 % of highway accidents and 49 % of all fatalities. • In urban areas people accounted for sixty two percent of fatalities and Dhaka town this is nearly 70 percent.

2. Drivers with lack of traffic signal understanding and poor driving skills. Involvement of Buses and Trucks

In Accidents

– bus/minibus - 42%

– trucks -- 37% and

In perilous accidents

– bus/minibus - 38%

– trucks -- 30%

* Involvement of youngsters & Small PeopleВ

• About 1 / 3 of the total pedestrian fatalities are kids under regarding 16 years. • Deaths of children underneath 16 years old are accounting for nearly twenty-two percent of all fatalities in Bangladesh and are also 2 . five times higher than those in industrialized countries.

2. Youngsters, specifically students generating motorcycles with out wearing helmets and deficient looking eyeglasses.

* Children and service holders who also use road frequently.

We may also focus on individuals that can stimulate others to master safety issues. Motto / Mission

HIGHWAYS: Where PROTECTION has to be legislation

Awareness that individuals comes in two different ways. Individuals are:

1 . To be self-aware to be able to protect themselves from dangerous situations. installment payments on your Act as a pressure group to influence policy manufacturers, legislators, traffic police, and vehicle providers to take further actions The people of Bangladesh are usually manipulated and maintained by direct involvement of law or perhaps other electric power holding people. Ethics turn up useful info out on the careless semi educated persons of this region. Law breaking is being practiced for long and people take it since tradition at present. So the only possible way to get the Security Awareness in peoples brain is by improving law in a positive approach. If the rules is followed in order the safety issue are able to be manipulated with in one year.


The following eight individual groups are recognized for street safety actions: * Countrywide Road Safety Council

2. Accident Data System

* Road Engineering

* Traffic Legislation

2. Traffic Enforcement

* New driver Training and Testing

2. Vehicle Safety

* Education and Marketing

* Medical Services

Eye-sight for as well as the Goal with the Road Basic safety Action Plan

An appropriate vision for road basic safety in Bangladesh, which is not unrealistic, is obtaining nearly fifty percent reduction in street accident fatalities within next10 years as well as the reduction with the frequency of road mishaps to nearly 30%. For the next one year objective could be build towards...



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