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The book Pistol: The Life of Pete Maravich, by Draw Kriegel, raised many essential issues. It told the story of a ballplayer transformed by simply his father's dream, which brought various consequences along with that. Growing up, Press Maravich's life revolved around field hockey. If it failed to have to do with basketball, that wasn't crucial, nothing was important except for his appreciate for the game. When Press' son, Pete Maravich came to be, he not merely inherited the " basketball gene” this individual also shared the passion and love with the game with his father. Press Maravich had high targets for Pete, maybe way too high. Press was always pressing Pete, locating a great amount of presser on his son, hardly ever letting up. Mark Kriegel helps to show a message through the eyes of basketball gamer Pete Maravich. He argues that people seek out happiness in all the wrong spots. The fear of losing eliminated Pete coming from playing and enjoying the overall game of field hockey. He played out for everyone different except for the most crucial person, him self. Kriegel claims, " Pistol Pete [Maravich] was, actually his father's vision, designed to the old mans exacting specifications” (2). Pete was always being moved to do better; nothing was ever sufficient for Press. Pete would recall, " I could score thirty factors in a essential game, but Dad will point out all of the mistakes We made expecting I would certainly not repeat these people again… [they] seemed to override any of the positive points” Press believed that, " just perfection helped bring salvation, ” (109). Pete never stood up to his father, who have once mentioned, " Pete will do the things i tell him” (184). Starting when he was obviously a boy, he did everything that Press put at him, making no decisions to get himself. With tears in his eye, Pete would told people that, " Press experienced made him dribble right up until his fingertips were natural and bloody” (206). For Pete, " being overworked and underweight had left him forever fatigued” (215). As he spent my youth, this pressure took a toll...



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