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Endurance Guide: 20 Hari Banda Tips to Maintain That Weight Off





Survival Guide: 20 Hari Raya Ideas to Keep The weight Off

KevinZahri. com В© 2010

Success Guide: twenty Hari Raya Tips to Keep That Weight Away



I am Kevin Zahri. I was a fitness author, speaker, TELEVISION SET Host and entrepreneur operating out of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.


I posted my first bestselling exercise book permitted Fitness 24/7 and Cergas 24/7 last 2008. With regards to a year later, I produced my 1st ebook 24 Questions -- it answers the twenty four most commonly asked health and fitness concerns. Since I use released other ebooks just like How to lose 5kg in five Weeks, Ramadhan Survival Courses and many more to come.

Fitness instructor & Nutritional expert

I have been your own trainer and nutritionist for more than 6 years. I obtained my recognition from A. F. To. A in the USA.


We conduct several health and business wellness workshops. Some of my clients include Nestle, Nando's, Bank Negeri, Petronas Malaysia, Bursa Malaysia and other consumers in both private and public sector

TV Number

I am a regular TV guest about various speak shows speaking about health, diet, nutrition and also other wellness topics.

Brand Legate

As part of my job, Plus fortunate to represent brands including Adidas, Nestle and Health Concept.

Internet Entrepreneur

I like the web. All of us launched Cekodok.

com, a Malaysian calorie database,

e-books and are incredibly active in prodiving

tips on our site - KevinZahri. com,

Facebook and Twitter

Survival Guideline: 20 Hari Raya Suggestions to Keep The weight Off

KevinZahri. com В© 2010

Your survival Guide: 20 Hari Rasgo Tips to Maintain That Weight Off





Survival Guide: twenty Hari Banda Tips to Maintain That Weight Away

KevinZahri. com В© 2010

Survival Information: 20 Hari Raya Tips to Keep The weight Off

General Hari Raya FAQ


Before I actually share my personal 20 hari raya weight loss survival

ideas, lets look at some basic FAQ

Simply how much to eat during raya?

Fully up to you yet try to follow

some of the twenty tips Let me share

along in a bit.

Would you like to gain weight above hari banda?

Most probably. The opposite to ramadhan. Wherever

90% shed pounds during ramadhan, 90% of you will

gain pounds during the first few days of syawal.

All I will say is the fact it is ALRIGHT to take pleasure in

and prize yourself after a long month

of as well as.

But , don't worry. Objective this raya should be to

minimize weight gain! For those who have lost 3kg during

puasa, keep fat gain below 3kg.

But how could i lose weight during hari banda?

Yes, you don't want to be inside the 90% group. In fact ,

everyone who reads and recognizes my e-books

should be in the 10% " I am going to lose weight this

raya” group. OKAY there are two parts to the:

• Initially 10 days: They are the hardest as festivities are at their optimum and everyone with the lepas geram mode. During this period, your

objective (if any) should be to reduce weight


• Last 20 times: Again since open residences are

generally limited to the weekends, you have to

make sure that the week days and nights are as healthy

as possible. If you have five good days and 2 bad

days, you should be ALRIGHT.

Get back on track!

So in combination, to lose weight over the 30

days of raya, make sure your exercise & diet program get back on the right track, especially during weekdays since weekends are filled with tempting open residences. Make me proud! Should you physical exercise during rasgo?

Totally under your control but not

extremely convenient when you

are on the trail and everyone otherwise is indulging in

lemang and kepupats.

Thus for me, I actually don't workout during the first days.

Once My spouse and i return to operate, it is

a great time to restart my

exercise regime.

That said, there is no need to reward

your self pertaining to 30 days. 15 crazy days and 20 healthy

ingesting days is decent with me.

Am i able to start the " How to lose 5kg in

5weeks” software during raya?

Yup, yet I would suggestions you

To not start that until...



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