Devin Getachew CE two 5 15

 Devin Getachew CE 2 5 15 Essay

DevinВ Getachew IBВ SportsВ HealthВ ExerciseВ ConclusionВ InВ Conclusion, В TheВ MalesВ hadВ aВ higherВ averageВ systolicВ andВ diastolicВ thenВ theВ females. В WhenВ divingВ theВ SystolicВ overВ theВ diastolicВ toВ getВ theВ bloodВ pressure, В theВ malesВ stillВ hadВ aВ higherВ bloodВ pressureВ thanВ females. В TheВ standardВ deviationВ forВ theВ malesВ wasВ lowerВ thanВ theВ females, В andВ malesВ hadВ aВ higherВ averageВ BMIВ andВ weightВ thanВ theВ averageВ BMIВ andВ weightВ ofВ females. В AccordingВ toВ myВ dataВ myВ hypothesisВ wasВ correct. В IВ statedВ thatВ OlderВ malesВ willВ haveВ aВ higherВ bloodВ pressureВ onВ averageВ thanВ olderВ females. В WhatВ IВ observedВ wasВ thatВ malesВ wereВ moreВ likelyВ toВ getВ hypertensionВ thanВ females. В В BloodВ pressureВ tendsВ toВ riseВ withВ age. В AboutВ 65В percentВ ofВ AmericansВ agedВ 60В orВ olderВ haveВ HighВ bloodВ pressure. В OneВ ofВ theВ mostВ commonВ formsВ ofВ highВ bloodВ pressureВ inВ olderВ adultsВ isВ chronicВ hypertension. В ChronicВ hypertensionВ occursВ whenВ theВ systolicВ bloodВ pressureВ isВ high. В AboutВ 66. 7%В peopleВ overВ ageВ 60В withВ highВ bloodВ pressureВ haveВ ChronicВ hypertension. В " MenВ andВ womenВ areВ equallyВ likelyВ toВ developВ HBPВ duringВ theirВ lifetimes.…...



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