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Canadian Traditions: The North Mosaic

Canada is one of two countries located in North America and it is the second major country in the world. It is situated just north of the United States and constitutes the northern part of the country, eliminating Alaska. Over the years Canada's culture has been influenced by Western culture and traditions, largely that of the French and English. Canadian traditions has also been inspired by the countries' first people, the Aboriginals, as well as the newer immigrated population (Wikipedia, 2007). Canada includes ten pays and 3 northern territories, almost all of that are " abundant with land and natural resources" (Bailey, similar. 2). Canada is often termed as a mosaic community because there is such a multitude of different ethnicities and ethnic groups that call it home. Three physical regions of Canada, including the Prairies, the Eastern Maritimes and the Northern Areas will be reviewed and the romantic relationship between their particular geographical spots and the proven cultures will probably be focused on.

To start, the Alpage are often known for their agriculture and enormous, widespread land. Statistics Canada (1997) confirms that more than half of the facilities in Canada can be obtained from the Alpage Provinces which include Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba (cited in Wallace, 2002). Agriculture is one of the largest companies in this region (Agriculture Canada, 1989). Beef cattle and sheep are raised in Alberta and Saskatchewan and these types of provinces as well " develop enough dairy food and fowl to meet the domestic needs" (Agriculture Canada, 1989, g. 17). Alberta has more meat cattle than all the other nine provinces, as well, it is the " third most significant producer of hogs and has a quarter of Canada's sheep" (p. 17). 1st Nations have oldest affect on Alpage culture because they have occupied this region for centuries. Fur traders and explorers via Eastern Canada were the first Europeans to come to the Prairies. " They offered rise towards the MГ©tis, recognized for their skill in bison hunting" (Wikipedia, 2007, equiparable. 9). Situated in Southern Alberta, there is an historical internet site, Head Broke in Buffalo Jump, wherever they exhibit the large cliffs that the MГ©tis would use to run the bison off of the edge. These people were very resourceful and employed all parts in the animal for survival. Once the Canadian Pacific Railway was built more ethnic teams started to reconcile in this region. " The Alpage were completed in district ethnic block settlements giving certain areas a clearly Ukrainian, German, French and Scandinavian Canadian cultures" (Wikipedia, 2007, equiparable. 9). Merely outside of Edmonton, Alberta there is the Ukrainian Ethnic Heritage Small town which is a art gallery that was built to look like pioneer negotiations in east central Alberta. Buildings in the surrounding residential areas have been relocated to this place and have been maintained for their historical significance. Additionally, there are people who dress yourself in historic attires that actually play the roles of the males, women and kids who lived at that time. One more culture that is certainly prevalent in the southern alpage is the " cowboy culture" (Wikipedia, 3 years ago, par. 10). Because ranching is so well-known in this region it had been inevitable that some sort of sport or recreational activity would arrive of it. And that it would, " Canada's first rodeo, the Raymond Stampede, was first established in 1902" (par. 10). Nation music is usually another well-liked artistic tradition in the prairies and can be viewed at one of the largest region music fests, Big Pit jamboree, that takes place in southern Alberta every year and attracts thousands of people from all across Canada.

One other region to look at is the Far eastern Maritimes consisting of the smaller pays of Volkswagen Scotia, Prince Edward Tropical isle (P. At the. I) and New Brunswick. Newfoundland is normally accidentally included in the Maritimes but it is actually part of Atlantic Canada, thus known as an Atlantic province (Wikipedia,...

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