Contrasting Catalhoyuk, Pompeii, and Carcassonne

 Comparing Catalhoyuk, Pompeii, and Carcassonne Article

Kyle Casiglio

World Civilizations

Adam Webster

December 3 rd 2010

Evaluating Catalhoyuk, Pompeii, and Carcassonne

Catalhoyuk gives a unique consider Neolithic world that can not be found in this urban setting elsewhere on the globe. Because of its age group, it offers basics from which to guage the elegance of later on civilizations. The Roman city of Pompeii plus the French middle ages city of Carcassonne mark two major eras in human history, and thus function as great body to compare to Catalhoyuk. Simply by comparing these cities, inspite of being segregated in time simply by thousands of years, modern man can easily gain insight into their own world and how traditions evolves. The well preserved architecture of those cities displays an changing emphasis on ethnical aspects of world, such as religion and sociable gathering spots. These are the aspects of your life which take people with each other under one particular cultural identity, which, since it has grown stronger through the years, motivates more work towards the public great rather than the individual good. Progression and progress a cultural identity is important for the advancement of civilization. Catalhoyuk displays particularly uncommon attributes for a town. The top to bottom based architecture is different than anything else discovered until centuries later in the castles in the high middle ages. Rather than broadening outwards, the Neolithic persons of Catalhoyuk built their particular mud homes on top of one particular and other. Since one's house was filled in and built upon when they died, this will seem an inefficient method to expand a city, likely speaking to the city's simple, if actually existent, amount of planning. Those of the metropolis did the majority of their living on the rooftops of their metropolis, using ladders to move around between levels and get in and out of their own homes. This process of traversing their metropolis hits after another exceptional aspect of Catalhoyuk, its insufficient roads. There is a dearth of any kind of streets between properties or in and out of the metropolis because people transferred between roofs rather than going into from the bottom from the building. This is a unique system not found anywhere else at the begining of European or Near Far eastern cultures. This provided two major defensive benefits on the city. The lack of roadways left not any major places into the town from which to attack, plus the raised mud-brick walls with their homes served as a great exterior wall structure for the location. These symptoms show that defense was important to Catalhoyuk, as nomadic hunter-gatherers and other raiders need to have been a problem for the first major permanent community. Looking at Carcassonne, it is very clear the need for common defense simply became greater as period progressed. Though the way in which Carcassonne went regarding it is starkly different. The double-wall, inner-keep, and towers of Carcassonne took an amount of preparing and dexterity not feasible in Catalhoyuk and feasible in Carcassonne due to the greater organization and will of its people, mainly due to the good cultural a genuine of its people. These kinds of bonds usa the people, enabling centralized organization to synchronize projects intended for the good with the whole. Of apparent great importance to this is religion. Catalhoyuk houses some of the first shrines and places of spiritual worship. A large amount of space was dedicated to places of religious worship, and household shrines had been common. Their particular statues of their obese Mother Goddess stage towards a worship of fertility and an importance placed in child-bearing women in society. On the exterior, there is no obvious difference discriminating places of worship in the typical home. Yet, large of amounts of space was dedicated to their religious methods. Compared to the simple living spots of Catalhoyuk residents, high amounts of efforts were put in the design of spiritual space. The interiors are more elaborate, and like Aventure with their Gods and the People from france with depictions of Christ, the people of Catalhoyuk place significant...

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Class notes and offered materials also used.


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