childhood overweight

 childhood weight problems Essay

childhood overweight

Childhood obesity: nurses' function

in responding to the crisis

Aifric Rabbitt and Imelda Coyne


orldwide, unhealthy weight has more than doubled as

1980 and approximately 65% of the planet's

population live in countries exactly where overweight

and obesity kills more people than underweight

(World Wellness Organization (WHO), 2011). Over weight and

weight problems are thought as abnormal or perhaps excessive fat build up that may damage health (WHO, 2011). Usually, obesity

has been an adult disorder, however , within the last 10В years, it has significantly been observed in children and adolescents

(Haboush et approach, 2011). In the developed globe, it is now the most frequent health issue influencing children. In 1995, presently there

were 18 million kids worldwide beneath the age of five

classified because overweight, compared with 2010, if the figure was nearly 43 million (WHO, 2011). Unhealthy weight is associated with long-term physical and internal consequences. That affects associations with colleagues, leads to stigmatisation and negative stereotyping, intimidation, low self-pride, and cultural isolation (Budd and Hayman, 2006). Years as a child obesity pre-stages adult

unhealthy weight, in that children who happen to be obese are more inclined to be obese as adults. Over 60 per cent of children who are obese

before growing up will be overweight in adulthood (WHO, 2007).

At least 2 . 8 million adults die every year as a result of weight problems or obese. In addition , 44% of the diabetes burden, 23% of the ischemic heart disease burden and among 7% and

41% of certain cancers burdens are attributable to obese and obesity (WHO, 2011). These are stunning statistics and to combat the obesity outbreak and associated comorbidities,

childhood prevention is important.

Taking a whole-family approach

To cope with childhood obesity, the friends and family must be included.

The is central to a child's care and family-centred care is definitely core to children's nursing (Coyne ainsi que al, 2010). The family members may be seen as including any individual related, by birth or

not, that is significant towards the child. This definition recognises single parents, separated couples, and lgbt couples in addition to the nuclear friends and family. The child is definitely embedded

within the family system and, therefore , it is very difficult for obese children to alter their nutritional or physical habits if not really supported by their own families. For this reason, any kind of actions

Aifric Rabbitt can be Staff Registered nurse, King's College Hospital, Denmark Hill, London and Imelda Coyne is Head of Children's Breastfeeding, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

Acknowledged for distribution: February 2012

British Journal of Nursing jobs, 2012, Volume 21, No 12


Obesity is a significant long term health problem that may be common between children and adolescents in Western countries. Being overweight or obese (extremely overweight) may contribute to type 2 diabetes in years as a child and improve the risk of heart disease in adulthood. Primary prevention of overweight prevents the development of serious supplementary complications in adulthood. Healthcare professionals can help parents and kids by providing dietary advice and, through weight reduction programmes, offer strategies for decreasing caloric intake and increasing exercise. Nurses' actions should always have a whole-family procedure because it is challenging for obese children to alter their nutritional or physical behaviors if certainly not supported by their own families. Nurses will need to work with most members with the multidisciplinary crew in responding to childhood overweight as it is an important health issue with longterm mobidities. Keywords: Weight problems n Medical n Tactics n Child years

n Difficulties of overweight

or approaches used by nurses to help obese children should certainly

always have a whole-family approach. Changes will simply

occur in the event that families will be motivated and willing to change. Obese and overweight children will benefit from an ecological

method to treatment, which considers the child's residence,

routine and family...



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