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Emilia Monroe

August 27, 2014

Experiment #01

The Perseverance of the Percent of Drinking water in a Mixture

CHEM 1315-022

For try things out one, The Determination from the Percent of Water in a Compound, the sole purpose of conducting this research was to determine the percent of drinking water found in ingredients such as Magnesium Sulfate, Copper mineral Sulfate, etc. Along with determining the percentages of the hygroscopic compounds the experiment brought about the exploration of separation of hydrogen a genuine to ionic solids through the use of heat. The reason that the normal water clings to the ionic compounds is due to its polarity, which causes the water molecules to receive trapped inside the compound and integrating in to the crystal composition. When normal water is trapped inside and integrates in the crystal framework the compound is known as a moisturizer, which simply means the compound includes water. Only a few hydrates are exactly the same though since the number of normal water molecules for the number of the specific compound substances can differ. Once conducting this experiment to be able to achieve the separation of water from your molecule, the substance needed to be heated that has been done by a Bunsen burner kept by a low flame under a crucible sitting on the ring stand for ten minutes.

In order to conduct the try things out we had to have 1-1. your five grams of just one of the 4 following chemical substances: Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4nH2o), Copper mineral (ll) Sulfate (CuSO4nH2O), Manganese (ll) Sulfate (MnSO4nH2O), or perhaps Sodium Carbonate (Na2CO3nH2O). An equilibrium was needed in order to think about the crucible and the crucible lid together with the hydrated compound and dehydrated substance. The Bunsen burner, striker, ring stand, and clay triangular assisted in heated the compound. The striker plus the Bunsen burner are both items that need to be handled with care since they can result in physical injury due to gas explosions.

To execute this try things out first basic safety goggles are needed to be able to protect sight from...



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