Can Terrorism be Exterminated?

 Essay upon Can Terrorism be Eliminated?

Can Terrorism be Exterminated?

Terrorism is definitely the use of fear and assault in order to spread specific political or faith based beliefs. Terrorism is often a last resort method for organizations because they will see that creating chaos is a only method to bring awareness of the cause that they can believe in. Terrorism cannot be totally eradicated since no matter what activities are taken, someone's primary beliefs will not be changed; however , if the root causes that drive individuals to joining terrorist groups happen to be reduced, then this amount of terrorists and terrorism reduces. In the 21st century, the image of a terrorist is often that of a Midsection Eastern, Islamic man; yet , this cultural group has not been the stereotypical view of a terrorist. Terrorism has been around for nearly all of human existence mainly because it is derived from the inequality and injustice that some people face. The people who are most prone to becoming a member of terrorist groups are those who come from regions of impecuniousness and destitution. This is because that people by areas of great poverty (where the international locations themselves are often less developed) suffer from even more injustice and lack-of-opportunities than most people which make them think disenfranchised and angry by those who have more possibilities than they have. Ultimately, people join terrorist organizations because they will feel as though they have suffered injustices and this by becoming a member of a specific terrorist group, all their anger and sense of alienation and finally be observed. Throughout its history, the usa of America has battle terrorism simply by trying to end the immediate risks, but not working on trying to stop people from joining the groups primarily. The United States has faced risks of terrorism from various groups: the communists during the 20th hundred years (primarily the Soviet Union and their dispersing influence), different Islamic extremist group that always have been located in the Middle East (al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood) and...



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