Big Data

 Big Info Essay


Big Info, Data Exploration and Business intelligence (bi) Techniques


What is Data?

• Info is information in a kind suitable for make use of with a laptop. • You will find two types of data ▫ Methodized ▫ Unstructured

• The overall volume of info is growing 59% every year. • The number of documents grow in 88% annually.


Precisely what is Big Data?


Stats on Big Data sleeping

Up to 12, 000 Instances larger


Data Size


Data at Rest


Data Size


Classic Data Factory and Business Intelligence

Data in Motion Up to 10, 500 times more quickly

Analytics upon Big Data in Movement

Kilo year mo wk day human resources min sec … ms s




Decision Frequency


Big Data

• Data pieces so significant and intricate that they turn into awkward to utilize using on-hand database management tools. • Overdue 2011 the definition of Big Info is put on data sets that go over 100 TB.


Regarding Big Data

• Analytics market be prepared to grow forty percent over the subsequent 3 years • Big Info is growing for a price of about six times & within Big Data ▫ 27. 3% Growth in servers ▫ 34. 2% Growth in software ▫ 61. 4% Growth in storage

• Venture money is flowing into Big Data (around $500 millions)



• • • • • Social networking Profiles Interpersonal Influences Activity Generated Info Software being a Service & cloud applications Public


Big Data Platform

• Hadoop Program • Stream Computing • Data Warehouse


The Big Data System in Action

Prospect Cost Begins Here

Data Ingest 01011001100001001001 11000100101001001011 100100110100101010011100101001111001000100100010010001000100101 01100100101001001010 0110010010100100101 1100010010100100101 0110010010100100101 Bootstap 0110010010100100101 Enrich 01100100101001001010 0110010010100100101 11000100101001001011 01100100101001001010 01100100101001001010 01100100101001001010 01100100101001001011 Adaptive 01100100101001001010 Analytics 11000100101001001011 01100100101001001010 Unit 01100100101001001010 01100100101001001010 11000100101001001011



• Hadoop


• Analytics DIE BAHN


Technological Approach


• Enormously Parallel Finalizing Databases

• Data Factory Appliances


Data Research Approach


Business Intelligence Methods

• Big Data (General)


Business intelligence (bi) Techniques

• Big Info (Conventional)


Business Intelligence Approaches

• Big Data (Operational)


Severe Information Digesting

• Should be managed along 12 free of charge dimensions. • Some people find Cloud being a solution.

of sixteen


• Sensitivity of data and algorithms can specify sourcing including which Impair service can be utilised ▫ ITAR/EAR, IP, competition-sensitive etc .

• Secure images can be constructed • Application security

▫ Auditing and logging ▫ Authentication and authorization ▫ Data connection and data protection

• Periodic Deciphering

▫ System and app

• Monitoring and Alerting • Patching and Modernizing



A whole " new world " of option?

Calling Network Merged Network

Amy Bearn 32, Hitched, mother of three, Accountant Telco Score: 91 CPG Rating: 76 Fashion Score: 88

Telco organization

How important is Amy to my personal mobile phone network? How most likely is she to change carriers? How many other buyers will follow

Social media

Public Data source

Retail ser

How useful is Amy to my personal retail revenue? Who does your woman influence? So what do they spend?




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