Augustine Aquinas

 Augustine Aquinas Essay

The Nature of St Augustine and St . Aquinas

Kristi Brewster

Grand Gosier University: PHI-305, Ethical Pondering in the Open-handed Arts September 23, 2014

Mr. Richard Mohline

The Nature of St . Augustine and St . Aquinas

St . Augustine and Saint Aquinas were equally important statistics of the chapel in ancient times. The two were extremely influential inside the development of Christian philosophy, while both having fundamentally diverse worldviews. St Augustine discards material belongings and is convinced that the mortal world disobeys God and diverts our focus from your divine. St . Aquinas embraces the material, quarrelling that the materials world is crucial in order to be familiar with divine. Though the theories of both males are different, they both arranged that one could know God through reason, yet no one could understand The almighty fully since God created man. St . Augustine and St . Aquinas on Human Nature

St . Augustine believed that human nature, which has been created simply by God, was good. He also presumed that individuals are evenly able to select good or bad, nevertheless humans will be constantly interested in evil as a result of our sinful nature that we inherited coming from Adam (Free will, 2013). St . Augustine argued which the only method to escape this kind of sinful characteristics was to accept the style given by The almighty, which we all receive simply by salvation and being good.

St . Aquinas' theory on character differs via St . Augustine. He presumed that human nature is the system of the head, body, and soul. The minds and bodies are subject to corruption, but the souls will be immaterial and free from corruption. To exist, according to Aquinas, is usually to be good. Yet , our human nature or our good depends upon goodness of our actions. St . Augustine and St . Aquinas Knowing Good

St . Augustine believed that we are trapped by our sins and our completion or delight can only be seen in The almighty (Clark & Poortenga, 2003). For Augustine, knowing the good was not enough to inspire humans to get good. Human beings due to their totally free will and sinful nature require work intervention; knowing God. St . Augustine believed that good had not been found in worldly possessions which we should not really attach ourself to might be found (2003). Materials possessions may be lost and God is definitely the only very good that can not be lost. St . Aquinas was obviously a follower of Aristotle, whom also believed that good was dependent on whether it offered or deterred us from your proper man end, which is eudaimonia, or happiness. He also thought the people could know great by thinking well (Lecture 3, PSY-305, GCU, 2013). Knowing good required a range of intellectual and meaningful virtues that enable us to comprehend the nature of true delight, and encourage us to find it on the consistent basis. He also believed that good, was getting to a maximally fulfilling life and that we while humans are in search of completion (Wilkins, 2011). St . Augustine & St Aquinas about Doing Good

Equally St . Augustine and St . Aquinas experienced that doing quite well required The almighty to be the primary focus of man. For St . Augustine, doing good required our love of God to get primary (Augustine, 2014). If we give Our god our main love, after that all other enjoys gain value. Whenever we love God first, we will know precisely what is right and good (Aquinas & Pegis, 1997). Adding God first, put good in the proper purchase, which could then business lead us to eudiamonia. St Aquinas believed that our joy or benefits is certainly not be found in created things. St . Aquinas believed that doing good necessary God and this God only was adequate for our fulfillment, or happiness. The case fulfillment to do good will come from supportive God and our neighbor (Clark & Poorenga, 2003). Hope of the fulfillment, or perhaps of doing great, can only be seen in getting grace and leading us to a better relationship and love of God (Aquinas & Pegis, 1997).

Critique of St . Augustine and St . Aquinas

Although St . Augustine and St . Aquinas will vary views about material possessions in the world, St . Aquinas gets the view that is certainly...

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