Using Theory to Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment

 Essay on Application of Theory to Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment

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Putting on Theory to Bio-Psycho-Social Evaluation

When making use of Erikson's theory and his almost eight stages this allowed me to assesess each individual upon what stage they are at the moment in plus the stages that there has been concerns in achiving. In the case of LaJoe it would seem that she experienced already accomplished stages you through six during the early on part of surviving in Henry Honer. As the decline of your positive community and family members, LaJoe appeared to reverse for the process of producing her id. Once positive, optimistic and eager to lifes posibilities she gets now reverted back to some of the earlier periods of Erikson's theory. In accordance to LaJoe she blamed her kid's problems within the neighborhood, the neighborhood's decline to the modify of the people, to the inflow of drugs and violence (Kotlowitz, 1991).

As for LaJoe's children seemed to start the stages currently in a express of turmoil. Their enviroment from the start push them into circumstances that led them to feeling there ecologically as well as finding methods to thrive inspite of their concerns. According to Erikson, an inability in a stage does not actually result in one other failure; somewhat, it aggravates the next level (crisis) and thereby enhances the challenge (Ekev Academic Review, 2007). An illustration would be Pharoah's progressive stutter due to the stress of his enviroment and having difficulties with speech in school. Pharoah then had to emphasis and put out the effort to contorl his stutter. Having issues with trust and selfconfidence didn't make Pharoah an inability at expanding his personality it has just made it more difficult for him to accomplish his goal.

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Application Of Theory to Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment

The River's relatives though facing many obsticales have developed and maintained particular strengths. The city within Henry Horner using its violent criminal offenses and severe poverty has also m managed to have strenghts.

The River's despite having a unconvintional relatives keep a strong bond and complete each other regardless of the circumstance. LaJoe even with her feelings that particular childern disappointed her she has never abadndoned them and supplies what your woman was capable of. Lafeyette is a defiante young man who strives not to become overflow by the communities gangs and medicines who tries to set illustrations for his siblings. There is also the presence of encouraging friends. Rochelle is a constant emotional support for Lajoe and Craig is a positve person in the children's lifestyle and brings the community jointly through his music. This kind of family includes a true feeling of strength that has strengthened them to defeat the daily hardships.

Strengths-focused practice and thinking does not need practitioners to ignore the concerns of individuals/families or to request clients to forget their particular problems and pains. This means the conclusion that input is based on good and feasible goals instead of in deficiencies or concerns (O'Hanlon & Weiner-Davis, 1989; De Shazer & Berg, 1997). So by currently knowing a selection of their strengths this will help to start the process of exploring solutions to the issues and giving the clients equipment on how to own oneself.

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Putting on Theory to Bio-Psycho-Social Examination

The neurological issues to consider with this family members deal with the issues of competition, values and community responsibility, violent offense, social splitting up, welfare dependence, drug wars and unemployment. According to (Zastrow et al., 2008) Normal developing milestones consist of those significant biological, pyschological, emotional, intelectual, and social points of developement that normally occur in an individual's life span. This helps to assess each one of the...

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