Analysis of Maiden Journey by Denton Welch (the text included as well! )

 Analysis of Maiden Journey by Denton Welch the text included as well!  Research Conventional paper

This passing from First Voyage by simply Denton Welch is a bank account of an daring European boy in China who would like to explore the distinct cultures and experience the amazing. Yet he is overwhelmed by the barbarity in the new culture and this reveals to the audience the unexpectedness of life from the young boys perspective. Through the first person narrative and comprehensive descriptions from the events, different themes such as teenage rebelliousness, gap between different ethnicities and the limited expertise is featured through different literary features such as contrast, colour symbolism and metaphor.

From the beginning, the rapport between the inside and the beyond the Western villa accentuates the differences between two nationalities. Inside the villa, where the foreign people live, seems to be more secure and settled since reflected by the reference to the stable doorways. The boys observation from the signs of fostering also ideas the civilised European culture inside the walls. This probably links to Mr Butlers comment that foreigners aren't very popular and individuals outside and foreigners possess separate areas. The main personality using moth eaten golf balls and the outdated tennis racquet shows that the younger generation like himself used to stay at the villa, but not intended for long periods of time it really is where people dont appreciate the thoughts of the young. As the story develops, the change in the setting is usually emphasized by simply imagery. Words and phrases such as a black speck and a dark boulder are colour imageries used to foreshadow the damaging and unexpected event. Outside of the Western villa, a persons head which the boy finds implies that the culture outside is in the best way, barbaric. This is certainly supported by cruel images such as odd white teeth stood up like ninepins in its darker, gaping oral cavity, its cheeks and shrivelled lips were plastered black with dried out blood. These images not merely highlight the unfortunate and unexpected events, but also give focus on difference between two civilizations. The boys fear and realisation in the hostility among cultures happen to be conveyed from the head can be described through imagery. Taller rank turf grew was dry and sharp while knives. Also the second reference to the insects will remind the youngster of the mind, causing the boy to feel more fearful.

Through the main figure, the author explores various styles of maturity and each of our awareness of several cultures. Visitors are able to notice that the main persona seems to be a boy, from him playing tennis. Psychological data reports that he can an adventurous person as he can be [longing to explore]. He [hates] to be dependent upon other people and says they might never wish to accomplish what I desire to do- highlighting the theme of adolescent rebelliousness and his desire to be impartial. His disappointment and dissatisfaction with his quiet lifestyle is suggested when [He hits] the balls increasingly against the steady doors. The boy feels imprisoned within a European rental property and a line of poplars; the orderly line of poplar implies the structured and formal environment of the rental property. For the boy, however, straight distinctive line of poplars is a sign of restriction and [imprisonment].. As a great act of rebellion, this individual does not desire to listen to the elders, but carries out what he feels to be right, without rational thinking about the consequences..

From the action of the main character, the author highlights the themes of teenage rebelliousness, difference between two ethnicities and acceptance of a distinct culture. In the line, [he] let [himself] quickly out of the back door, the back door has an implication that it was required for secret. This once again reephasizes the theme of teenage rebelliousness as this action was disapproved by Mr Butler and Mr Roote the adults. Despite his rebellious characteristics, however , his immaturity and lack of expertise are evident in his initial response to choosing the head. The rather naГЇve observation in the head, I could see that the thing was not dark-colored but lilac shows that he was not able to determine what he was...



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