American Creed

 American Creed Essay

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twenty four March 2014

American Creed

We come across the American Creed as being a set of values and philosophy that can be found in the American politics culture. (Coleman, Goldstein, and Howell) The beliefs and values are equality, individuality, democracy, freedom, natural legal rights, property, and religion. All of us, as the American culture have the opportunity to become equals, are in a democracy, be individual, have the opportunity to get property and use explained property as we see fit. Each of our religion is a part of each of our individuality and should therefore certainly not be dependant on our government; we have right to liberty and should not have that interfered simply by government, of course, if so , interference should be minimal. This is the American culture we all live in plus the values and beliefs of which we try to uphold. The entertainment offers us a large number of examples of the American creed or the none whatsoever. An example of the way the lack of freedom, property, democracy, equality, and individualism can be obtained from entertainment is a recent technology fiction adventure film, " Hunger Games”. (" The Hunger Online games and Liberty) Its plot revolves around Katniss Everdeen, a lady who volunteers herself instead of her sibling to participate in her country's yearly " Hunger Games”. The purpose of the games is actually a source of entertainment for the rich; seeing the 12 districts of Panem killing another intended for fame and fortune. The 12 areas are separated from another, as well as live only to operate and serve their polish capitol while they will themselves hunger and have simply no freedoms. They are really ruled by the capitol, largely President Snowden alone, they will lack equality due to the fact that some districts provide an easier lifestyle than other folks; they have not any land to call their particular, and no liberty for they are controlled by their Capitol. Viewers watching for their enjoyment might not exactly see the American creed's beliefs and philosophy being unfolded before them, when paying close attention, we can see what existence would be like if these philosophy and principles...

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